untrained and untamed (part 1)”

Of all places it happened on the train.

I’d got on finding plenty of space and choice of seating and took a window seat in a two-seater, tucked my blue and black sleeveless A-line dress and sat back against the comfortable blue-striped upholstery.  I’d just removed my jacket when the ticket-collector appeared calling for tickets to whom I produced and showed mine alongside my student travel pass, then on he went on from seat to seat until eventually exiting the carriage into the one beyond.

I settled back to do what I usually do at least for a while on train journeys, watch the world rushing by, watching a wash of other people’s lives semi-blur past my window faster than my brain can take it all in. Eventually I inevitably spend some time reading losing myself in another world to the sound of the train and those inside the carriage.  I was letting my mind wander as small unmanned station after nondescript people-less station whizzed by until we eventually stopped at one of these to allow more wayfarers strangers to board, after which and to the sound of the guards whistle we pulled away with a thrum and whirr, the kinds only trains make when they pull themselves as though with huge effort from standing to moving to moving faster to settling in to just the speed they like with what felt like a most satisfying yawn.

After some indeterminate time we entered a larger main kind of station where more people climbed aboard filling the carriage with even more chatter. Seats became fewer as they filled up one by one, two by two, so it was only a matter of time before I’d probably have to move my bag from the seat next to me.  A guy about I would guess ten years older than me plonked himself on the seat next to me after politely asking.  Being only 5’3” it was a stretch to put my bag on the overhead shelf stretching me to my full.

I turned again to sit back down saw his eyes shift back to mine with an equally polite smile. Back? I wondered, so where was his gaze a second ago?

We both got settled as the train edged again achingly, yawningly from the platform now laden with its extra load of however many new people.  I pulled out my book and got comfortable once more.

The miles fell away though for me there were still many more to go. Every now and then I glimpsed him on the next seat out of the corner of my eyes sometimes fiddling with his smartphone and ear buds listening to whatever it was he was listening too.   I played a game, to myself in my head, attempting to guess each song from the unconscious rhythmical though subtle movements of his body.   I was guessing some kind of rock music.  I tried peering at his screen but I just wasn’t close enough or at the right angle to read it.

Eventually he noticed me glimpsing, or assumed, and asked if I wanted to hear.  I nodded, placed the earbuds in my ears and there it was, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Good guess on my part.  From this we got chatting, the usual where are you going, what for, what do you do, all that.  He was a trainee architect, something which I knew absolutely nothing about, but at least we found common ground in music and as it happened food, as he also enjoyed cooking, though unlike me he wasn’t vegetarian.

I shared my orange with him.

More stops were stopped at by our train, people got on, people got off until the numbers dwindled leaving just a handful of travellers well into our respective journeys, including me and him.

I need to bathroom so he stood in the aisle to let me out.  While in there I pondered how nice he was, chatty too, like me when eventually get going.  Sometimes I think I talk too much to the point of putting people off.   Hands washed headed back down the aisle between the now mostly vacant seats and climbed back into my seat.  This time he didn’t step out but just swung his knees past which I squeezed with my back, and my bottom, facing him.   Not elegant but it took a second.

The funny thing about seduction is you rarely know it’s happening until it’s kind of in full swing and you’re already in some ways committed.

Our next conversation turned soon too erotica, as in erotic literature, of which I’m a fan hence why we seemed to accidentally find ourselves there.  I was suddenly aware of my probably over-enthusiasm for the subject and thought I better stop while I’m ahead or he will think I’m a total obsessive, or a bore. Actually he seemed intensely interested and intrigued and encouraged me I felt to tell him more.  He took out a book of artwork from an exhibition in the National Gallery, London, he’d seen viewed and happened to have with him, placing it on both our laps he slid closer so we could both see.  At this point I became aware of his scent, not bad in anyway, just there, male, warm, weirdly inviting and comforting. Our thighs were touching because of how we sat and I didn’t mind and kept on not minding, his jeans, hi leg against my black tights, my dress, my leg.

All very innocent, of course.

A warmth found its way through my legs and even my arm and shoulder activating imaginary butterflies inside.  We continued perusing the book. Each page turned with a welcome gentle swish of air against my thigh.  The way he balanced the book on both of us meant the back of his hand touched my thigh.  It was warm, and I thought moving, but barely perceptible.

It continued like this until his fingers were clearly stroking my leg while we continued chatting over the book and related subject. I felt my voice becoming nervous but unexpectedly excitable.  I held it back conscious of veering off into some kind of unintelligible nonsense.

His touch was warm, gentle, almost doing Celtic knotwork on my left leg.  We unconsciously leaned into each other more, faces closer.  I caught his eyes once or twice until I felt his hand moving more deliberately up and then down my thigh while still balancing the book. The motion encouraged my dress up along my thigh just a little.  I tensed, my legs and tummy, tiny knots were knotting and unravelling.  I felt an urge to stand up and run into the next carriage just to take a deep breath.  I stayed where I was in my seat, against his body, with his hand and fingers now definitely caressing rather than accidentally brushing.

I shivered a warm shiver feeling molten silver flowing up and down my spine.

Instinctively I pushed my dress between my legs which were now turned slightly towards him.  He let the book sit mutely on my lap while underneath his hand softly gripped my thigh moving down to my knee and up again, repetitively.  I was gripped certain bodily sensations being. I looked up into his face and found him watching me innocently as his hand danced along my legs.  I smiled before I realised I was even doing it.  He smiled back.  His continued his advances with a growing sense and a scent of excitement permeating the tiny space between us.

He leaned in and stole a kiss without warning or asking. I was surprised but not panicked and found myself sort of kissing him back.   He did it again his lips encouraging mine to open and they did without objection, slightly but enough to invite him further…..

(continued in “untrained and untamed (part #2) ……… )

untrained and untamed #1

© 2019 Emmaleela


  1. “The funny thing about seduction is you rarely know it’s happening until it’s kind of in full swing and you’re already in some ways committed.” Nice beginning. you have a realistic way with erotics. On to part two.

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