and I let you

and I let you
if I ever could resist each touch will have its way
pull away the clothing slowly place me on display
strip away my modesty the buttons, zips, hooks and hems
finger fabric intimate, soft against my skin,
and I let you
touch me softly, touch me firm, brush me gently, make me squirm
watch me while you let another’s hands slip down my curves
while more will have their way in exploring all my aches
make me naked, make me bite my lip at every taste,
and I let you
pin me down while fingers sloughing naked linger, flow
hold me still as whispers flit across my nipples slow
slide your hands to make your way along my waist and hips
laying hands upon my mound, no words escape my lips,
and I let you
peel away my underwear the moistened purple lace
down my legs revealing all my intimacy traced
peel them from my naked thighs as I fulfil your needs
run your hands in consort like an urgent breeze,
and I let you
many hands that covet me, fingers read and feed
my tender flush, a blush, each one complicit in my plea
touch me, knead me, tease me, watch me, play upon my scent
fingers parting, summoning a craving to relent,
and I let you
open me, my glistening, hold my arms and breathe
lay between my paler thighs, my paler skin, my knees
slip inside and arch my back, my struggles will entice
presuming, all-consuming, in their wide licentious eyes,
and I let you
faster, longer, thicker, you obsess, undress,
naked skin that sinks within my all and nothing less
knowing that you’re one of many yet to come and go
I am the first to break, I dig my nails and just dissolve,
and I let you
unburdening your seed, your sperm, your unrepentant lust
we overflow, a rushing flood both shared in breathless thrusts
as one by one they take their turn and feed a growing need
take their place, they take me, take me firmly as they please ,
and I let you
and I let them
and I watch them
watching me,
and I let you
and I let them
do as you do
in defeat,
do as you do
I’m unfurled
do as you do
bodies, worlds
in time unravelled
and collide.

and I let you

© Emmaleela 2018


  1. Lol, I came back to read a few posts of yours and lo and behold I’ve read this hotness already. Didn’t even see your response. So sorry sweetie.
    So just FYI…this is PERFECT 🔥💋

    Liked by 1 person

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