party favours #5: company of strangers

(continued from “party favours #4: the real unreal” …..
“Even in this semi-dark I could see enough to know he was circumcised and substantial enough to make me hold my breath”)

We’d only just met and yet there it was, his erection, plain as anything in the half-light standing now very, very proud of his jeans and pants.

I was more than speechless, if I wasn’t already, as here we were in this room with four other couples some of whom were now clearly copulating or something equally salacious and all could easily see what each other was up too.

To our left the couple having sex were still glancing over at us between their own moments of groaning and panting and couldn’t help but notice his cock fucking her while she grabbed tight his buttocks digging her fingernails no doubt for traction and encouragement.

He was definitely encouraged, wildly.

Dom’s hand dived between my thighs taking advantage of this distraction and caught me by surprise spreading wider my now sodden and tingling buds. I looked up as he looked down edging closer and closer each opening my hips more and all I could do was watch and submit; I was already compromised beyond redemption. All I could do was go with it with the sense I was dreaming it all, after all what on earth was I doing in what seemed to all intents to be an orgy?

Another momentary panic nearly prompted me to push him away but that subsided almost as quick as it arose as he kept pushing himself over me, his outline surrounded by a faint blue glow from the dimness. He too was beyond changing course, both being trapped by circumstances of our own making and the rooms spell, the smells heady now with muted sexual forays.

Surely this was crazy and entirely irresponsible, but I didn’t care and that made it all the more worth doing.

His breath bore down my neck as he lowered closer still. I felt his legs between mine, his thighs into contact with mine, his sex touching mine, skin to skin, his tip to my flushed pink folds. I felt then how hard he was, how stimulated, I knew I was about to find out just how big. I held back what could’ve been another orgasm as he pushed into me opening being infiltrated, invaded, overwhelmed by desire to let this never end.

Curiously I left my body, strange as that sounds it felt even more so, leaving my body finding myself a couple of feet away hovering, watching myself being taken in full view by this man I’d only met that night. His cock working its way inside my body and me not in any way resisting;

everything paused……..

… then I was back without even realising how or what just happened. Despite all the foreplay I was still tight compared to the size of his naked appendage but his skin moved slickly against mine enticing me to relax and accept, accept, accept. I bit down on my lip as I felt his head stretching me and slipping readily in. Still we were being periodically watched by others doubly enjoying our pleasure as well as their own adding to the unreality of it all. Not Dom though, he was very real and feeling more so by the inch.

I stifled a cry; of pain, of pleasure, of desire? All three, my thighs took him willingly, and there was so much and I knew we were going all the way whatever happens. My scream lingered below the surface threatening to escape but I managed to resist such an outburst but for some unpronounceable exclamations which drew some attention from the others.

Never before had I been in such a situation not being until then in the habit of watching others making out so completely, but here I was, watching, drawn magnetically to their pleasures as much as my own.

Inside me Dom was thrusting longer with gentler motions while my hips naturally contracted over and over pulling him. His heat mingled with mine, his precum adding a fresh ingredient to this new kind of cocktail, shaken and stirred such emotions I couldn’t control. My skirt still hitched around my waist, my pale hips rudely exposed to any wandering eyes when he decided to add to our performance unhooking my bra and pulling it over my boobs. My nipples quivered with our feverish momentum, the push, push, pushing against my pubic bone while he pinched both to even higher exhilaration.

Who were all these people? I wondered but then realised I didn’t want to know or even see them outside these confines for fear of overwhelming embarrassment having exposed myself to their greedy eyes. I’d never know what to say or where to look as here I lay semi-stripped, dishevelled and basically on show to their voyeuristic tendencies; although, they were also in a similar state; half-naked and some in far more compromising positions.

My mind raced and whirled in the turmoil, my body burned, my thighs kept leaking desire, trickling want and consuming need; edging in then out then in then out, further each time forcing me, willing me, knowing I was enjoying being so powerless.

Sex in front of others, surely a fantasy come true. Especially as I just realised he was still not fully in. I adored the naked feel of him, of me, the freedom, so hot, so wet, so feral, massaging my thighs inside and out. Stirrings of escape still flashed before my eyes, utterly irrational of course and lasting just milliseconds. But we were locked, submerged, each of us feeding from one other in an unrelenting pheromonal chemical chain reaction.

The carpet against my buttocks and the cushions to my back, knees raised making life so much easier for Dom to go deeper and harder, the way he clearly liked. I watched his face then those of others sharing this space, each time bringing a rush of new blood to my core. My hips rocked and I gripped him holding on to our continuing fragile asymmetry, afraid I might at any second, fall off the face of the earth. In that room tonight no one was denying anyone anything as down and down the rabbit hole we plunged together, spinning, spiraling, tossed in the tumult grasping for air, tasting the lust.

Our hips found new rhythm, insistent, letting him take me for everything, robbing me of modesty, subtly exposing my intimacy. Such a feeding frenzy grew into a mantra of intense breathing with everyone falling in sync with one true note; now he truly started to fuck me…

… as I did him, in my way. Our bodies collided again and again, looks were exchanged between me and Dom and with the others, or at least those I could see from where I lay smothered, and I wanted to tell him, more, more, more, but the words failed to materialise as my lips went dry. I wanted to swear holy lust for all to hear, but I didn’t. Even now I was still too shy. Sweat prickled on my scalp, droplets appeared on Dom’s face, our skin almost glowed with the friction kept at bay barely by the continuous flow of juices.

Then I said it, “fuck me”….. not ordering or demanding,  I half wish that I hadn’t feeling self-conscious. One of the other inadvertent sexual companions overheard, she looked and grinned through her own impending orgasm.
I was spellbound.
Dom now drove himself into me as though he’d been kept in a cage for months starved within an inch of his depravity. But now he was free making up for lost time and I was his quarry.

I felt I was running out of breath, tears burned my eyes, we were all in one other’s blast radius, each about to detonate.

He raised himself, arching his back and I watched in half-light my senses keen to every nuance. I wanted to cum, wanted him to cum. Struggling to keep up, we weren’t so much making love, this was much more primal, basic, earthy, wild, asserting himself inside my thighs and hips we were ready to leap.

With no warning another orgasm engulfed me. Dom felt it too, my shudder, my eyes open wide then squeezed tight and he grinned almost malevolently. I tightened around his erection willing him on, coaxing him to do the same before another overwhelmed me or I fainted. Still being watched and sometimes watching, knowing what the other women were feeling and going through, our pact, the strangest of bonds there and then with our biorhythms reaching their peak.

I felt it,
felt him,
felt him push us both to the edge.

Undaunted and untired he arched again and with one deep thrust of his hips over we went, his thickened girth strained with the effort. I was imploring and all I could think was I want, I want, I want. My body splintered, shattering into a million pieces as he tensed and finally broke, cum, surrendered all that he had, a pyroclastic burst sweeping through my stomach my legs, my lungs, his sperm, seed poured and pumped into me; I grabbed for dear life as I thought my heart would stop and held him, held him, wrapped around him every limb feeling and receiving all that he had until we collapsed, drained, spent, sated.

I crumbling into dust, a tell-tale trickle adorned my inner thighs.

He slid from me and left a moistened trail along my leg, tumbling onto the cushions while others seemed to do have already done the same, their last throes undone. I stared at the ceiling, at the shadows peeling away from the walls. Perhaps we all should have known better and I wondered what thoughts were now going through everyone’s minds while mine was still reeling trying to comprehend what had just happened and was it still the same day and glad I decided to come to the party.

Is this now where everyone throws their keys into a bowl?……. now that would be crazy.

party favours 5

© 2018 Emmaleela


  1. I don’t think you need to worry about there being a market for your writing. You just need to look at what’s available on amazon or smashwords to see there’s huge scope for your work. I even interviewed an erotic author on my blog only a couple of weeks ago and he writes full time now. I’m no expert but I write about the publishing process on my blog if you want any pointers. Looking forward to the next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. it’s crossed my mind yes, but to find one who would be interested in what I write might not be easy, but I have thought about, and I do write the poetry too and also have been writing some much longer pieces, actual more fiction. It’s a good idea though and quite encouraging that you mentioned it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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