party favours #4: the real unreal

(continued from “party favours #3: the prickling feeling” …..
… he leaned me against one wall and kissed me. My next thought was, what next?!”)

My head was still reeling, having just had the most incredible orgasm, and twice, a little tipsy having been encouraged into this semi-lit room by his incessant kissing.

He held me against the wall for what felt like ages, kissing, wandering hands over my clothing with me willingly now kissing back without a second thought. I was trapped, caught in a whirlwind, wrapped in events well beyond my control.  How did I get here?  Oh wait, I know, I hardly discouraged it so if there’s anyone to blame it’s me.

I felt his lips all over mine, wet saliva passed between us, our aromas mingling breathing a cocktail of desire, want and definitely need. We flowed into each other like two streams meeting in a violent torrent; and here was I reciting poetry in my head!

He kissed harder now, almost like trying to consume me, hands held my waist pulling me to him finding myself now held fast between his tall torso and the drab wallpaper; the sounds, the smells, the presence of others, even awareness of where we are becoming largely irrelevant as our worlds shrank into the tiny space we occupied.

I peeked while kissing, t remembering thinking, lordy, is this really happening; and it was clear as his lips on my face, it was. My attention was then drawn if not a little distracted to notice there were others in this room where I was pinned to the wall. As far as I could tell, and that wasn’t very far under the circumstance there were maybe four other couples I think all I could clearly make out even in this dim blue light in various stages of undress and in all kinds of positions and doing things, similar things to what we were doing though some seemed a little further progressed than even we were. At least I was still full-clothed and intended to stay that way. They moved like shadow-play, half silhouetted in a near-Bacchanalian display.  I found it intensely erotic, immensely arousing, irresistibly stimulating but also felt a little embarrassed and uncertain how to behave. I’m sure they weren’t oblivious to everyone else in the room, including me, it’s more they just didn’t care, or found it encouraging maybe. It was unconsciously, I realised afterwards, pulling me into its crazy orbit.

One long kiss punctuated by small grins of self-satisfaction, that was Dom, and to some extent me, admittedly. I still couldn’t believe what was happening.

His hand slipped under my skirt. No warning, no asking, just did, bold and without hesitation and found the very place he had earlier, over my warm knickers, just where they grew moist with my orgasm. He grip covered my mound and pressed and squeezed and fingering the cotton, the lace, the elastic, over my intimacy. T this I inadvertently bit his lip in surprise, shock almost, slightly curtailing the kissing.  He didn’t mind, nor did he stop what he was doing, in fact grew a little more animalistic.  Hi kiss penetrated my deepest desires now while fondling firmly my groin, my sex, my moist passion he’d so seductively aroused. My skirt was raised up by his arm probing; in part my thighs on show to anyone in the room who might have took the time to glance.

It was apparent I was in like-minded company.

Various parts of me were no hypersensitive, delicate to the touch yet the kind that demands firmness of intent. He felt me through my knickers knowing full well how I must have felt, did feel. His hand must have been smeared in me, my uncontrollable excitement as he traced his finger up and down the shape of my mound pressing the cotton so fiercely it was inside my folds soaking even more of me up into itself. My legs began to buckle.

Then a whisper, “come over here”. It was Dom’s voice.

Taking my hand again we found a spot in the room, some large multi-coloured, tie-dye like cushions as they were about the only comfortable things not already occupied by other horny couples enjoying whatever.  Laying me down on them he loomed over me in the blue half-light looking almost alien, otherworldly and we kissed, again and again, not just my mouth but my neck and then my breast through my clothed.  He grabbed one boobs and pressed it against me with his firm grip and moved it round enticing my nipple to enliven itself even more under his assured grip.

Half beside me and half on me, and I enjoyed the kissing, loved the touching and was even tempted to roam my hand over my chest and unfasten a couple of button to feel his bare faintly haired skin. His tongue invaded my mouth over and over as though teasing my slightly more reluctant one out of its burrow. He tasted masculine, which is the only way I could describe it.

His other hand had now once more wormed its way beneath my skirt hoisting it higher.  I was self-conscious of others in the room and I knew a few glanced over in between whatever lustful behaviour they were indulging. But as the second elapsed and I felt more at ease my tiny panic subsided. I didn’t stop him going where he desired, I felt wanted, needed, special.

I broke off from the kissing briefly to glance down to see my skirt rucked-up and my knees and thighs, all bare and on show to him and whoever. He was uncovering my knickers, my now soaking, clinging pink cotton and lace.

I watched his eyes also looking down there, glued to what he was uncovering, up and down my shaking legs, a hand sliding from knees to knickers further sending thrills through my already febrile body. He lifted my bottom and yanked my skirt higher from underneath giving him even easier access to me, to more of me. I didn’t stop him. Again he was all over my sex with dancing fingertips as I now lay exposing my knickers and thighs to the room, to all these strangers.  In a way I was glad they were as maybe I wouldn’t see them after this which would be a good thing.

Overwhelmed with dizziness, I was helpless.  It wasn’t me, not what I would normally do just that boldly there and then with someone I just met. Perhaps it was me now though as I was letting myself go with every twist and turn and bearing of my flesh. As he basically masturbated me through my lingerie I felt a growing arousal of the other noises coming from the room, the gasps, heavy breathing, panting, whispers whispering secrets never to be told except to the blue half-light.

He moved smoothly over my tummy pulling up my shirt to find and fondle further my boobs, each in turn getting the treatment of his clearly experienced touch. My nipples were virtually crying, if that was possible, to be free of the bra, to feel the open air, then he travelled back down over my tummy-button and over my pubic bone, a move which subtly slipped my knickers down slightly allowing him access under them and over my naked sex. He touched my lips and the feeling was electric, I felt my fold quiver and swell no doubt flushed pink by now and feeling overly-sensitive to any touch at all. Increasingly there was less and less in his way and nothing it seemed would stop him anyway.

Then, almost without warning and having been so distracted by others in the room who I caught glimpses of and I knew took similar looks our way, I had yet another orgasm. It erupted while his hand was tantalising my clitoris and I did all I could to stifle a loud moan and the urge to swear.  My hips were awash with a melting sensation and he didn’t stop at that even though it made me close my thighs tightly in hope that he might to let me breathe. He didn’t, instead he peeled open my throbbing folds working to get inside me even though I was tight it didn’t stop him and I soon found myself surrendering regardless and relaxing and feeling him succeeding in slipping in my soaking thighs to the last remnants of spasms.

At this I remember arching my back keenly aware that my attempt to mute my ecstatic vocal responses weren’t successful and I gave away to all in the room that I had just cum in their presence, big time.

I looked over to see a couple both in the throes of full-on sex but at the same time both staring at me and Dom as though what we were doing was turning them on even more, like they were watching porn or something. Is this what an orgy is like then?  I’d never been to one but perhaps it was, perhaps I was right in the middle of some sex room. In reflex I pulled up my knees letting the waves of pleasure stream through me and Dom pushed my legs back down, grabbed the waits of my knickers and down they came slowly and definitely surely. The other couple still watched, fucking each other even faster now.

My thighs were now naked as Dom semi-stripped me in front of the others who divided their attention between themselves and us.  The temperature of the room was almost unbearable, almost encouraging clothes to come off. But I had to admit to myself I too was also seriously erotically-charged by seeing what they were doing, voyeurs watching voyeurs.

My knickers were now gone, discarded, useless; my skirt hiked all the way to my waist where I lay on the cushions; my shirt pushed up and bra on display with nipples still too excited to even contemplate touching myself. He had me and teased me gently with his fingertips, while I shook all over, even the last orgasm didn’t quench my thirst for what was happening.

He was now laying fully on top of me pulling my legs apart, naked as I was and utterly exposed to him and the room.  For one brief moment I was ready to stand up and run out but it passed as my knees parted and sex opened wide. I stared up at him, bit my lip and smiled, then I watched him unfasten his jeans and there it was; his manhood, unhooded.

Even in this semi-dark I could see enough to know he was circumcised and substantial enough to make me hold my breath and irresponsibly grab it.  I didn’t though. Instead I gripped the cushions being experienced enough to know what might be coming….

(continued in “party favours #5: a company of strangers” ……….)

party favours 4_ the real unreal

© Emmaleela 2018


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