innocently enough

It began innocently enough……

A normal party with nine friends, or mostly as in a couple I didn’t know being they were friends of friends but soon did as the night progressed. Five boys and four of us girls all in our twenties, as I still am incidentally getting together for like-minded hanging-out, a typical weekend wind down from the long week just gone, all for our own reasons had been mostly busy.

My best friend Ginny was there, of course as we are often found at the same parties and whatevers, another friend, Sarah and her friend who I hadn’t known called Charlotte, preferring Charlie.   Then there were the boys, Pete and Richard whom I knew really well, another, Dave, didn’t know overly well but enough to say hi too, while the last two I’d never met at all, were Jonathan and Paul.

So like I say the party, or get-together, started innocently enough as a Christmas drink, which seemed to flow very liberally as there was plenty of it, and snack to which we all brought some to contribute in a pot-luck kind of way.    Being a little tense to begin with I soon relaxed as I felt increasingly comfortable around the new people as for me with strangers it usually takes time.  I wore faded blue lo-cut, small-flared jeans, a pink V-neck, short-sleeved button blouse thing, silk/ cotton mix and of course underwear, panties and bra.

The music rocked which suited me being somewhat of a rocker at heart, Anathema, Lacuna Coil, Opeth,  In This Moment, even AC/DC, but all good anyway, served the atmosphere of frivolous fun perfectly.  As the hours ate into the evening more dancing was being indulged by most, including me, certainly all the girls and couple of the guys.  Ginny and I prone to being a bit flirty with one another, nothing new there and it seemed fun to tease in such a safe environment.  All in good taste of couse. Sarah was snogging a boy. Which one?  I didn’t pay too much attention, Jonathan, Richard? One or the other as they lolled in one of the huge armchairs.   Charlie joined us in dancing and was soon shifting closer and closer to Pete and start more overt flirtatious behaviour. Why not, it was a party, but then I was taken aback when she effortlessly and without ceremony stripped off her black baggy tee shirt in, I might say, a most suggestive way.  There she was now gyrating in her black bra and still fully-attached black skirt and not bothered in the slightest about her own sudden change of attire.

I stared aghast, as did Ginny who then smiles, laughed her loud infectious laugh and encouraged her.  That was Ginny for you, bold as brass.   That seemed to work in getting Pete dancing finally though, now she was topless.    Ginny then, being Ginny, was not to be outdone and proceeded disrobing her top likewise also in a provocative manner and up her blouse came and then gone which she carelessly tossed at Richard.   He didn’t seem to mind this blasé intrusion into his personal space, in fact his grin seemed to welcome it as he swigged from his can of whatever he was drinking.

First Charlie and now Ginny, topless, soon followed very quickly by Pete as Charlie had no doubt intended.

Then without warning Ginny kissed me, out of the blue.  We had kissed before so this wasn’t so unusual, being we are both bi, but that’s a story for another time, but this time it was in front of all these others and not a peck but a full-on passionate lip-lock which I found myself returning after a couple of second in kind.  I was never one to complain at being kissed by Ginny.  We now swayed together to the music as she then spun me around placing my back against her while holding me by my waist in her firm hands.  She was several inches taller than me, which isn’t had being I’m only 5’3” when I heard her announce,

“who thinks Emma should take her top off next?” 

Never before had I seen such a rapid show of hands, and it was unanimous except for me but I didn’t count in this vote it seemed.  It was then I noticed Sarah by now still snuggled in the armchair with as it turned out Jonathan, had taken hers off, as had Jonathan.     She didn’t wait long enough for me to object beyond the obvious enthusiastic response before her hands were unbuttoning my blouse as we swayed to the continuing music still with my back against her.  She started at the bottom and worked her way up each one exposing another inch then another and another of my pale skin beneath.  I laughed, shaking my head saying no, no, no, which she just skilfully ignored and continued regardless until they were all undone to let it fall open revealing my tummy and pink balconette bra, her hands sliding underneath and around my waist again to prevent me refastening it.

I hadn’t stopped it instead she convinced me just to sway with her like that, her topless but for bra and me with shirt flapping revealingly. She was lulling me into some trance when I felt her tug my blouse away from my shoulders then from my arms as I felt powerless to stop her, even if not a bit embarrassed.  I suppose they were all now topless, would have been churlish of me to not join them.  After all it was just our shirts. I spun to face her and we kissed again in front of everyone, our bodies, boobs, tummy and hips pressed against one another.

I then glimpsed Sarah and Jonathan getting increasingly friendly with each other, not just snogging but touching in very touchy-feely ways, much more intimately in fact.  I was fascinated in watching in between the kiss, giggles and making sure I lose no more clothing.

Ginny then left me dancing solo now, glass in hand, cider, as she sidled over to Charlie still dancing seductively with Pete and she slipped her hands round her waist to make a threesome and then unzipped the side zip of Charlie’s skater skirt pulling it down all the way where Charlie merely looked, unbothered, smiled and casually let it all from her hips and stepped from it to leave her stood there in just her black panties and matching bra.  She seemed very much in her element like she’d done this before.

Their suggestive dancing three-way was very sensual and arousing to watch I had to admit as I continued swaying solo. Richard seemed content to watch all this too from the comfort of a sofa, possibly too drunk to do much else.  The temperature in the room by now was decidedly elevated along with an erotic frisson. Richard then defied my earlier impression to prove he wasn’t that drunk at all, just very laid back, stood and started dancing by me and then with me.    Ginny was here again joining us and kissing me and then Richard, what a flirt she was. I was no longer aware of being shirtless as Ginny’s hands run over my bra now giving me a cheeky and gentle squeeze of one boob while Richard held firm and close to my waist.

It was then I was hugely surprised to see Charlie’s bra fly into the air where she’d flung it, along with her caution, leaving her utterly topless and ever-so intimate with Pete.  She spun round and showed everyone what are her quite beautiful boobs, 34B, and naturally sculpturally-shaped. Pete wasted no time wrapping himself around her and kissed them quite openly to which she didn’t refuse but seemed transported in the whole moment.

Unsurprisingly Ginny took this as a challenge and still swaying unfastened her jeans, which Charlie spotted her doing, was soon right next to her and pulling them down her legs to show her grey and black panties to the room.  Ginny just held her arms in the air and let her remove them entirely. She was such an exhibitionist anyway.

All the guys were now topless, Charlie on only panties, Sarah and Jonathan in such a state of undress and tangle it was hard to say what they had and didn’t have on anymore.  Richard had also decided to go topless though I never even notice his coming off.  Ginny cut in me again between me and Richard who was more than happy with what he saw what happened next.

Her hands slipped in from behind again and began to unfasten my jeans.   My hands went to stop her but she kissed my ear effectively distracting me which gave her stealthy fingers ample time to unbutton and lower the zip to show Richard a mere glimpse of my pink panties with their black lace waist band. Her hands ran under my arms lifting them high, stretched up which made me take deeper breaths as my jeans still clung to my hips but now open.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes until she was sure I was almost hypnotised, which I felt I almost was, then slid down her hands and into my jeans and pulling them down from my hips showing off more of my panties.  Richard I now noticed seemed grinningly pleased with this turn of events.  I was feeling self-conscious but also invigorated, aware of everything but at same time at the whim of a wind blowing me where it will.   My skin tingled as my jeans came away from my hips inch by inch until free of my hips, my panties, my thighs, knees then legs entirely as she encouraged me to let her pull them from both legs without protest.   What else could I do by now but let her, let events take their course to leave me sporting just my pink underwear.   Ginny held my back against her again which felt incredible arm and secure despite being in a room with seven other people. It had such a profound and seductive effect.

Richard, reluctant to get too close at first, was soon much closer to me sandwiching me between him and Ginny.   But Ginny grabbed his waistband and pulled him to me, tighter, where I felt a clear bulge from inside his jeans.  I closed my eyes and felt one, two, now three, no, four hands running over me and they were both running their hands over my bare not hot skin.   I could’ve fainted but didn’t, I was utterly mesmerised and smiling inside as my body seemed to have taken me over and was doing what it wanted regardless of any inhibitions I might have had.

I grew so caught up in this moment I forgot to pay attention to the rest of the room as I swayed trapped before two equally hot bodies. Then Ginny broke free and ordered me to unhook her bra which I did letting her breasts free for all to see, and she was a well-endowed girl indeed.  Of course I’d seen them before, several times, but never in such a context as a party with all these other people all seeming to do the same. She flaunted them as Richard stayed glued to me but watching as she offered him to touch which he freely did to leave her smiling mischievously.

“Well”, Ginny said “seems Charlie is topless, and Sarah, and the guys and oh look, even me, seems we are all…. oh wait, someone’s missing, oh yes, Emma isn’t!  You’re letting the side down babe, and I for one think you need to get them out like the rest of us”.

Before I could respond, yet again, she was on me like a flash and in a heartbeat unhooking my pink bra til I felt my breasts freed from their prison albeit still hidden from view.   I’m not that big in that department, being a 32C, certainly not as well-endowed or as shapely as Ginny so have sometimes felt a bit self-conscious but this reluctance which Ginny knew about didn’t stop her, instead she pulled down the straps as I watched Richards eyes move to my breasts and slipped my bra from me exposing what had now become very erect nipples to his gaze, and everyone else.

I was admittedly hugely aroused but tried not to show it as I stood there now, still being swayed by Ginny in just my panties covering what was left of my modesty. I was now on show like all the others, though some felt more comfortable with it than others, others being me despite my sense of excitement over the whole evening.

Ginny stayed close and ran her hands covetously over my breasts and nipples gently which exerted a magic over me enthralling me even more. Richards hands rested on my waist and around to my tummy and back and hips just teasing the of lace waist of my knickers.   What were we doing? I thought, as the evening seemed to have been turning into some kind of orgy, particularly with Sarah and Paul seemed to be all but actually doing it in front of our very eyes on the armchair still while Ginny’s hands were everywhere over me or so it seemed, though not between my legs. Yet!  Richards hands had worked their way up to my boobs, brushing a nipple every now and then which I felt no compulsion to stop.

By now I was wondering where this party was going, if anywhere further that is. Everyone else was I am sure, and more worryingly what would happen if I were to lose any more of my clothing, or in fact the only thing left, my panties…….. it started off innocently enough………

I danced,
we danced,
we swayed and room swayed captivating us, me, in an erotic spell
my heart was racing………

innocently enough

© 2018 Emmaleela


  1. Oh please lose your panties, no sense being modest now. And the moment they come off is like magic. All at once you are bare all over and it is the most sexy and comfortable feeling. Of course the sexiest is being the only one nude in a room full of otherwise clothed people. But this evening is already passed that point.

    Liked by 1 person

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