playing pool

There are some urges I seem to find it impossible to resist, sometimes, and this is one of those….

I was on holiday for a week away after my exams, red, plain, with thong ties on both the top and bottoms.   I always search out the nearest pool or gym for my usually weekly swim and discovered a leisure centre in this bustling seaside town.  I could’ve gone in the sea but it was actually very cold water despite it being a hot day so I opted for the indoor pool.  The beach can wait for another day.

In the changing rooms slipped into my bikini, walked through the shower and foot wash on the way into the main pool area, sat down on the pools edge and dropped myself sedately into the water going completely underwater. Total immersion is always the best way I think to acclimatise.   I snatched a deep breath just before my head submerged spreading small waves across the surface which radiated out across the lanes.   I surfaced and pulled on my goggles and started with a few lengths, breaststroke mainly and some freestyle.

There were a dozen or so others there, mixed age, both sexes, all adults. As time passed there were fewer till there was me, two men about my age as in early twenties, and an elderly couple.  Naturally there was a pool attendant/ life-guard present who ambled about keeping busy and occasionally glancing at the pool to presumably ensure no one was inadvertently drowning.    Back-stroke for a few lengths I felt the water flowing like silk over the top of my body as I stared at the ceiling moving past, it flowed up along my legs over my hips and thighs, tummy, breasts, as I floated almost effortless through letting my arms cut me in a clean straight line from one end to the other and back.

I grew increasingly aware of how the water seeped into my bikini, tiny bubbles, rippling, underneath its elastic hems, top and the bottoms.  It flowed easily between my bare legs in increasingly urgent rushes as I caressed the water. The harder I pushed the more intense the wash across my body.  My nipples grew somewhat aroused as  did so, suggesting the whole of me was beginning to feel this way which was not the most convenient of places or moments for such emotion.

I rested for a few minutes at the deep end my chest bobbing just above the water line and more than aware my nipples quietly evident through the fabric.  I love water, finding it very sensual, whether in the shower or bath or in fact as was now evident in a public swimming pool.  I pushed away for another length of backstroke when I noticed the guys looking in my direction as they lingered on the edge of the pool having hauled out to sit.

They seemed to be chatting, not unusual but I did wonder what they might be talking about when I suddenly noticed they seemed to furtively taking an interest in me, at least I thought so anyway.  I shrugged it off thinking it was just me imagining it, especially as I was feeling warmly aroused by the actions of the water anyway.  But then another quick glance across at them and they did seem more than intent on me. I then remembered how perhaps my nipples had been a little more prominent than they should have been through my top.  Such a thought only served to have the effect of making them just that of they weren’t already.  As I swam I tried to turn my thoughts to anything but that in an effort to focus on just the swimming but my mind being what it is struggled which only made things worse… or better I suppose depending on your point of view.

In an effort to maintain some decorum and distance from my less than subliminal arousals I paused at the shallow end now rearranging my top to ensure appropriate coverage.  Luckily I was still decent, apart of course from my increasingly pronounced nipples which had against my best efforts grown more excited through the sodden material.    It was then my mischievous side got the better of me, for better or worse, usually the latter but sometimes it seems I can’t help myself. While adjusting I pulled on breast cup of my top slightly carelessly to reveal a hint of my pink aureole meaning my nipple being even more dangerously close to being exposed, which of course I couldn’t do in a public swimming pool.   I attempted to remain as natural and nonchalant as possible as though nothing had happened or changed in my attire while making them think I hadn’t noticed they were still paying more than a passing interest in me.

I turned with my back to the pool and launched myself as fast as I could into the lane on my with a huge whoosh of water deliberately and feeling the water now engulfing my entire body, arms and legs, hips and thighs, tummy and chest.   This had the effect, unconscious on my part or not, of rearranging my bikini slightly teasing it away a little more leaving the elastic catching against my now noticeably erect nipple, the only obstacle that prevented it coming away entirely I thought.    I knew they were watching as I swam within two metres of them having not stopped to sort out my bikini-slip on my back, opening and closing my swimming legs which propelled me to the deep end once again.

By the time I reached it I was breathless, not from the effort of the swim but from my own invigorated boldness at what felt like performing a slight reveal.  Though surely I thought it wasn’t too much and they would at best have noticed very little I’m sure.

I looked down top notice my top had indeed slipped bobbed keeping everything neck-down below the surface.  On reaching around my neck and retied and adjusted it back to how it should be, or so that’s what I should have done but chose instead to tie it somewhat looser than it should be.  Why I did this I didn’t know except my mind was definitely playing mischief-maker again leaving me to face the consequences.

Once more with my back to the open pool I slowly pushed away, my legs creating another wake once again in back-stroke. The water, the waves, the bubbles, all conspired to grab at my top and cause it to slip more this time as I knew from the feel of the water my red bikini top was now again askew but this time exposing both nipples to a greater or lesser extent.  More than ever now their eyes seemed to be glued to my progress across their path.  Despite this and against my better judgement which was now slightly impaired I kept swimming under the pretence I hadn’t noticed my faux-pas. They seemed to fix on me with greater attention now as I was sure I felt the gazes almost tangible on more skin than I should have been showing.  Each swimming stroke massaged my entire body and my partly exposed breast and nipples, neither now hiding behind the bikini.

I had to admit I loved the feeling maintaining a slow pace past them knowing full well what they could see of me. Just then one of them dived under the water and I felt a wake beneath me flash past and then gone. He reappeared at the other side and I suspected probably rightly he’d swum directly under me wearing goggles to see more perhaps of me.  Then the he too emerged on the other side. I continued, trying to remain oblivious as to what game was being played here, still keenly away of my state of partial undress.

Finally I made it to the shallow end and didn’t wait before turning around and pushing away again, this time with as much force as I could muster for my small frame which had the effect of tugging my bikini bottoms down a little. I knew this was so because I felt them and usually such vigorous manoeuvres usually did.  I knew it and yet did it anyway and they’d slipped an inch or so and normally I’d pull them back up as a reflex but this because by now I was feeling too horny for my own good I let the string loosen to be left just holding on to my hips.  I knew I was still covered, mostly, but also was aware that most definitely the top of my buttocks may now be visible should I have stood up out of the water.  It was then as I started this next length they both vanished underwater to swim under me and this time they lingered as the water got deeper.  I wasn’t 100% sure how much they sure but had a good idea, more than they should of my bum I thought.

I braved it out still doing backstroke when they appeared again where they’d first began still having lifted their goggle and wiped drips from their eyes watching me in my awry bikini as the played eddies across me.   I admit, a side of me was enjoying this bad behaviour and tried to stifle a wry smile so they didn’t see that I was but I’m sure they noticed something.  I should have got out at that point but instead decided one more length the same and again pushed away with force against the beckoning pool this time knowing full well the strings had loosened sufficient on my top and bottoms to come away even more.  How much it would I was leaving up to chance, or risk, or stupidity, I wasn’t sure which.

My bikini bottom now just held onto my hips having now slipped further away from my buttocks.  One boob was well clear and exposed while the other still determined to remain a little shy albeit still showing enough.  Most of my bum was on display now, I knew, at least if you were underwater that is, and sure enough they were as quick as dolphins under the surface and swimming beneath me enjoying, I imagine anyway, the view.  I felt excited by this spontaneous display even though I knew how insane it was as my bottoms clung on just enough so I didn’t lose them completely.  This time one reaching the shallow end I decided it was time to get out before I get myself into more trouble, and time for some probably a bit too late discretion.

As I climbed the chrome ladder I felt the weight of the water streaming from me still tugging at my already loosened bikini for which they may have got a brief glimpse out of the water although I did pull them back onto my hips.  My nipples were still proud but now secreted away again inside my red top.  As I headed for the changing room  with one last daring-do I untied my top as I went  having it almost completely off as I  vanished into the relative safety of the women’s thinking how good holidays can be for taking risks, being daring, knowing you’ll likely never see these people ever again.

playing pool

© 2018 Emmaleela


  1. Being the center of all attention. Being the only one teasing. Being the only one nude. Not much beats this. being the only one nude is such a rush. I have only had the opportunity a few times. But I am certainly a fan. The permission that is such that it can only be given by yourself. I do make sure that others are not put off, I don’t enjoy causing unpleasantness for anyone, ever. Just not my game. You enjoy this too.

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