caution be damned

It’s been good weather recently, warm anyway, some days just far, far too warm, humid, sticky, which might be uncomfortable except this weather tends to bring out the slightly more adventurous in me.  Or that’s how it seems anyway and probably other weather does too but this one definitely does.

So yesterday I did something I don’t often do outside the privacy of say my house or garden as even in garden it’s fairly secret although there are some places you can see from the outside, but for me that just makes it all the more exciting, and probably a bit risky.    I do it mainly for me.  I enjoy the freedom of having the air, the breeze, the warm sun playing across my skin, my neck, my breasts, my nipples, baring almost but not quite all as I’ll lay there topless but keeping shorts on or my bikini bottoms.

I have gone topless on a beach before now, though only once and then I was careful to make sure no one was around that I could see.  Yesterday I went to the beach, bikini beneath my shorts and loose tee shirt and cardigan, found a neat spot with my back to the sand dunes giving me a whole vista of the sea and horizon in front. I spread out my beach towel and placed my bag of goodies such as drink and fruit next to me and duly slipped out of my cardigan and then my tee shirt. Still standing I slipped off my shorts being careful not to lose my bikini with them, put them on my bag and stretching and staring up at the blue almost but not quite cloudless sky glanced around.  I wasn’t the only one here on this beach stretching out a long way from me on both sides, it wasn’t packed but there were other sunbathing, some paddling, some sitting in chairs eating ice creams, dog-walkers, enough people not to be alone.

On looking to my left about 50 feet away or so I noticed a couple, young like me, also worshipping the sun today and what struck me was she was topless and laying on her back, eyes closed utterly relaxed and seemingly happy and content to be so.  I thought, that’s brave, especially with other people around.

I lay down on my back, wearing my sunglasses in my blue bikini and proceeded to smother myself in a high factor cream everywhere exposed and even some places not just in case. Of course most of me was exposed, being I was wearing a bikini.  Lying on my back I closed my eyes and dreamed of whatever swam through my mind feeling the suns fingers relaxing me at the minutes ticked by.

After a while I glanced over to see she was still topless and had even rolled down the waistband of her bikini, though not too much to over-reveal herself, after all this wasn’t a nudist beach, just enough to tan more of her than would normally.  She glistened, as did I actually, as the cream glinted in the warming sun’s rays and probably tiny grains of silica that had becoming part of my skin.  I rolled over and decided to untie my bikini top and allow the sun to evenly touch my back and after reaching around with a little more cream I lay down head to one side.

I peeked again and she was still topless but now sitting up watching the sea, totally not bothered about being topless in public, on this beach.  I stared and thought, maybe I could, maybe.  I was tempted even though it was more public than I’m used to; after all I didn’t know anyone here that I could tell.

So I rolled over still holding my top against me and decided now or never.  I chose now, and pulled my bikini top away and threw it onto my other disrobed clothing and felt a moment of being unsure as I was now topless in the full glare of the sun and public, should anyone even remotely be interested.  I spread sun cream on my small boobs, paler than the rest of me, and felt their warm softness.  There’s something a little arousing in touching one’s self like this publicly.

Before I lay back down properly still propped on my elbows I glanced across again to see the other girl looking directly in my direction with a small smile, with a look of what I think was approval, like, go for it.  I smiled back and felt emboldened.

I lay back on my towel on my back and closed my eyes.  Caution be damned! I thought, it’s just my breast after all, what’s the big deal, although I still felt adventurous at the same time. I daydreamed all kinds of sultry things now feeling increasingly aroused but knew I couldn’t do anything about, so I let them stay safely hidden in my thoughts.  After a while I glanced over towards the girl and her boyfriend again and she was lying back down, now on her tummy again and with her bottoms pulled further down showing perhaps half of the top of her buttocks.  At the same time I saw him looking over at me, staring, he raised an eyebrow and smiled, like she did, in an approving kind of way.  I smiled awkwardly back but fought my instinct to cover up and stayed topless.  Oh well, he’d seen anyway, and anyway like I thought, what’s the big deal.

I was keenly away that all I did have on was my blue bikini pants. I also felt flattered by their respective glances and silent communication across the sand between us.  Flattering and encouraging.  The longer I lay there the more I felt natural in what I was doing and my breasts were happy to be freed for the air to play with. I decided it was time to roll over again onto my tummy which I did and decided to copy what she had done, in pulling her bottoms down a little, just to let some sun to the waist band.  I lowered them just enough to know the top cleavage of my buttock was now on show.  I held my breath and didn’t retreat from my decision and closed my eyes feeling brave as well.

I daydreamed again imagining all kinds of scenarios, most of which were decidedly erotic in nature.  I was soaking up every thought the sun was encouraging out of me, and what their glances were also doing in also allowing me to take the risk.  Again I rolled onto my back knowing anyone who looks over will see me topless, nipples on show, basking in the afternoon sun with just the lower half of my bikini which only covered a very small part of my naked body.  I felt empowered too, in charge of my own body as I looked again at them and they both looked over at the same time like we had now established some psychic connection or beach-bond: topless bathers unite. She smiled, He smiled. I smiled.  We were part of an exclusive club and that felt good, real, and invigorating.

Eventually they began to pack up to leave. I watched them through my sunglasses, still topless, as was she until she slipped a loose top on not bothering with her bikini now and pulled on a pair of denim shorts.  She was very brown, tans perfectly unlike me. He was also well-tanned, fit, taut, lean.  Once they had everything they walked in my direction which took me by surprise.  As they reached me we all exchanged smiles and she said it was good to find others prepared to break convention and that I was right to show them off.  I had no response to that but a broader smile and shy, thanks.

She leaned down and slipped a piece of paper into my pile of clothing, under my bikini top as it happened, and they both said goodbye and were off down the beach.  I took the piece of paper and read, it had a phone number and her name, Gina, and the words scribbled, “call us”.  That’s all it said, just that, not a question even, as though it was a command.  I grinned. Is that some kind of invitation?  I wasn’t sure, most enigmatic.  Despite this I felt it would be rude not too, so laid back and decided I would, later, while also deciding to stay topless for just a little longer.

caution be damned

© 2018 Emmaleela

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