erotic machinations

I dreamed the other night something I’d never dreamed before and it took a few days to like really come to terms with how deep inside me it must have come from, intensely sexual, insatiably intimate, irrevocably impossible to clear from my mind and is here now as it has been since, closer to the surface than ever before.

Somehow and somewhere, I think it was someone else house, a room, attic room perhaps, sloping ceilings like a converted loft.  There were two windows in the ceiling which only birds could’ve seen into.  There was a machine, something I’d never seen before and at first didn’t think anything of it except I kept being drawn back to it wherever I looked and whatever else I thought I found myself gazing in its direction. There didn’t seem to be anyone else here, not it seemed even the owner of the house, not that I was aware of.

The next minute not knowing how I got from just standing there looking around to this moment I was naked, but for my pink and black bra, totally naked.  I was still alone as far as I could tell, didn’t sense anyone else there.  I was also standing now right beside the machine whose mechanisms were becoming clearer.  It was black, a metal frame thing with some leather upholstery forming a kind of seat or saddle, for want of a better word.  It had arms like pistons and what I took for something very phallic in the middle of it.  It too was black, sleek and looked softer than the rest of it. I leaned down and touched it and it felt almost smooth with a softly roughened texture which is hard to describe in words, almost like real flesh but not.  It even felt warm even though it was clearly inanimate.

I knew then what it was but as that thought came to me I was in the next moment sat on the machine and my legs strapped into it, half kneeling bent and my hips and thighs wide apart straddling it as I felt the tip of this phallus touching my inner thighs as I tried to hold myself up and away from it.  If I dropped a centimetre it would touch me and I would feel it like an mild electric shock, though I was sure it wasn’t electricity.

I couldn’t work out how I got on it and into it and thought about trying to free myself, naked as I was but for my bra.  I pulled at my legs but they were held fast, secure, with straps and buckles, my arms I had just noticed were held to a bar, rigid bar that kept my arms apart and fastened to it with similar leather straps.  It limited how much I could reach back or edge myself forward partly on all fours to dismount this machine.  Light burned through the Velux windows landing on me casting my shadow onto the highly-polished wooden floorboards.  I struggled a little bit and felt it increasingly difficult to keep from impaling my vagina onto this phallus which I think was perhaps 8 or 9 inches in length. I kept feeling it tantalisingly tease me almost, like it was alive, real.

Then a lamp in the corner flickered on, which was odd being broad daylight and just then the machine started to hum and whir into life.  I felt the straps tighten and even edge me closer to it I was sure.  I tried to pull away again as the tip of the phallus touched me more insistently now, making my inner thighs feel decided moist against my will.  I felt the machine subtly vibrating as it groaned into life.  The legs straps moved outsides on the metal bar mechanisms and started to open me and spread me wider, just an inch or two but it was enough.  I leaned forward on my arms which were still held by this metal bar between them preventing me bringing my hands together or reaching back to find a switch to turn it off.  My naked vagina was now touching the phallus as I looked down and closer inspection saw it was more like a dildo, moulded into the shape of a phallus, convincingly so.

I didn’t sit myself onto this machine and don’t even remember coming to this house or room but here I was, mystified and trapped, held and mostly naked.  In the opposite corner another light flicked on, like the first but this time it seemed to set the machine rocking beneath e making the phallus move towards me and penetrate me each time, in and out, only half an inch, just a little, just enough to make me gasp and feel its lifelike soft texture trying to enter me.

I shuddered and tried again to edge away but couldn’t go any further as just then the machine whirred louder and not only got faster but the thrusts of the phallus got longer penetrating me even deeper by the inch.  I looked down and guessed maybe 3 inches now opened me up with an in-out motion, fucking me like any man would have but this was a machine fucking me, holding me, using me.

Again it seemed to shift a gear and again it thrust me deeper, four inches, then five inches then six, inside and pulling out but instantly back inside me again and again. It wasn’t only soft but wet too, lubricated to make its determined progress into my thighs easier even though I winced at its thickness spreading my tight sex wide and wide as its tapered length kept moving faster and deeper, seven inches now and I could barely hold myself up by my arms and felt my hips falling onto it, writhing, willingly or not I couldn’t tell even myself.  Then the sound of the machine grew deeper and it slowed a little, moving still several inches in and out of my naked spread thighs but giving me time to catch my breath.  I thought it was all over now and it would release me.

But then, again it started up a gear and faster now fucked me seven inches and counting, I felt it go even deeper, must be all eight inches, and thicker too, forcing me open and my juices to provide additional lubrication.  I pressed the palms of my hands into the floorboards and breathed deep as each thrust was making me increasingly aroused and I knew bringing me closer to orgasm.  It’s as though I was willingly letting this machine rape me, but, I was trapped, held, bound, surely not willing.

But my body began to respond and I pushed back with my hips and it went in even further.  had I not noticed an extra inch as I felt it fuck me deeper now, harder, its pace increasing my legs splayed, my buttocks open, my nipples excited inside my bra, my thighs now slick with my own internal throes as I felt close and felt also it would be so wrong to have an orgasm while being fucked by a machine

Then it was suddenly on, I don’t know who turned it on, but it was suddenly on and I felt and heard parts of it moving until I looked down between my legs which were held wide open and my knees up and this massive penis-shaped like dildo on a bar moved between them and started to tease me back and forth touching then not, then touching then not.  Touching my vagina, making me shudder and try to pull away but I couldn’t move much.  I tried to hold back but it seemed determined to take me all the way until it did and I surrendered and felt my hips tighten, grip the fast moving phallus impaling me over and over and cum.  My hips shook, my arms started to crumple as I lowered myself to the floor it still fucking me with what I think by now was its entire length, holding my legs tight as though one orgasm wasn’t enough for it, or me, and I duly obliged within minutes of the first feeling a second erupt from deep inside where the tip of the phallus ploughed to its satisfaction, and mine.

It slowed until it stop and I slumped forward, exhausted.  I was still bound when I heard it start up again and did it all over again. Clearly it recovered faster than a man does, unless it was a second man, or second machine.  I looked down to see I was still strapped but my arms were free of the bar though by now I was giving into it, to the next one and I had multiple orgasms before it was finally over with no idea how long it had been fucking me, using me, taking me.

I woke up in a sweat, my duvet on the floor as I lay there with my bed-shirt pulled up and my hand resting between my legs knowing full well these orgasms weren’t just in the dream.  I smiled remembering and imagining now what a real machine would feel like and that I may one day have to find out for myself, and not just in a dream.

erotic machinations

© 2018 Emmaleela


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