please share me

Please share me
pass me around,
please share me
holding me down

binding my wrists
blindfolded eyes
start to undress me
one stitch at a time,

Please share me
each pair of hands
sliding across me
under my clothes

opening, lifting
peeling away
layer from layer
making me play,

intimate journeys
stripped to the skin
naked, expose my
desire moistening,

spreading my limbs
tasting my sins
slipping inside me
spreading me thin,

Please share me
one at a time
in front of their eyes
waiting in line,

Please share me
bring me to the edge
over and over
and over the ledge,

hold me, hold me
holding me down
don’t let me go
turn me around,

each one inside me
a different way
two at a time
keep me restrained,

making me swallow
making me drink
making me cum
making me scream,

Please share me
filling my senses
please share me
filling my thighs,

Please share me
with many more men
stripping me naked
again and again… and again.

please share me

© 2018 Emmaleela


  1. Wonderful Emma. . . .Nothing like a woman being held down and shared, especially when she is shy and struggles but really likes it, like you Emma. . . . wrists held down either side of your head, confident hands gripping knees and opening your legs. . . . now you are ready, eager for it but will not let on as you “pretend” struggle, but oh now you want their touch, their lips and tongues, fingers, cocks and their cum, especially their cum. 🙂

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