two plus one

It was gone midnight when three of us made our way back to their house. Julie and Josh, she being a long-time friend of mine and he being her boyfriend and we’d all been out with others for the evening now heading back to their place as Julie asked me back and said I could stop over being it was late.  I agreed and went with them.

Back at the house we had a cup of tea, having had enough to drink except for Josh breaking open another bottle of whatever alcoholic. We chatted and listened to music, Josh also smoked something less than legal, I didn’t, not my thing, I was happy with tea, and toast now. After that Julie decided to crash and went to bed leaving me and Josh still awake, just.

After she’d gone he moved over to the sofa where I was slouched talking all kinds of strange from whatever he smoked.  The fumes made me a little high, unquestionably, I couldn’t get away from them. He slumped against me until I swung my legs over onto the sofa and onto his lap ready to crash-out myself.  We chatted for a bit more before I began to drowse only to find my sense roused by a strange sensation on my legs.  I didn’t even know how long I had dozed off for, thought it could only have been minutes but maybe longer than I thought.

Through a film of half-sleep I felt the hem of my blue skirt being teased; at least I thought so, upwards along my thighs.  It wasn’t a long skirt, a blue tube skirt, and I was sure I could feel it being urged up along my bare legs as I lay their semi-prone.  I started to rouse a little more aware of Josh’s legs underneath mine but my skirt definitely on the move all on its own. Not on its own, with Josh’s help it seems, must have been him as there was only he and I here.  I was a little dazed and drowsy after it had been a long night and I was ready for sleep, but now this sending the strangest shivers through me.  I should wake up properly and stop him, the rather intimate progress of his hands  I clearly felt on the back of my thighs now up a bit  then down a tiny bit, up a bit more, then down, the up again like a high tide drifting up a lazy beach.  But I wasn’t sand and he wasn’t salt water and this was his front room and his sofa and his hands taking liberties with my half-asleep body.

I should stop this. I didn’t.  I just lay there, half-opened my eyes without changing my expression then closing  them again as his fingers so soft gliding over my tender thighs as all I could do was feel my skirt higher now until I felt his fingers make first contact with my knickers over my buttocks.  I knew now my skirt was becoming revealing posed now and surely he would be seeing my navy blue knickers beneath.

I should stop this. I didn’t.  I opened my eyes wondering if this might stop him but it didn’t.  My legs lay trapped under his leaning body now as both his hands went up my skirt completely exposing my underwear and over my buttocks lifting me slightly and squeezing making me jerk to attention and a huge rush of warmth crash through me especially  directly to my hips.   He reacted to this by looking down at my now bare thighs but for my blue cotton lace-waist bikini knickers. I felt my face blush deeply pink as he continued kneading my buttocks which served to raise me off the sofa and be slightly dragged further down over his lap where my legs now totally bare from toe to hips lay.

I should I should stop this, but I didn’t, couldn’t. I suddenly was aware of my breathing being deep and uncertain and punctuated with tiny gasps as his fingers dug into my buttocks and all I could was realise I was becoming intently aroused.  Seemed my body was not in any hurry to move, to get away and far too ready to submit.  I was, I was submitting to this embarrassing situation.  I realised I had reached out my arms and pressed my hands onto his arms perhaps pushing him away but I wasn’t trying too hard, or in fact not at all.  It was more like I was just hanging onto to something anything to steady myself even though I was already pretty much on my back.

Just then one of his hands moved from under my skirt where the other one remained and crept over my breast squeezing without wasting any time it seemed as his grip enveloped my small breast and sent even more shivers inside and out.

I should’ve stopped him.  I didn’t.  His hand felt my breast through my black cami top until his dextrous fingertips slipped down the string shoulder strap and pulled my top down from my black bra allowing even more access.  I couldn’t stop letting myself let him and he seemed to know it. I felt pliant, compliant, controlled almost as he roughly enjoyed letting his hand explore through then bra then before I knew inside the cup and touching my nipple until he also slipped my bra strap down to expose that too.  I flushed again bright red and bit my lower lip and held onto his arms torn between pushing him off me and pulling him closer.

Before I was even aware of the pace of things he had pulled down my cami top completely away from my bras both straps now free of my arms. How he did this I couldn’t be sure but I must have allowed it and now my top was pulled down to my waist and he slipped his hands around my back and unhooked one then two hooks as I felt it loosed and come away easily from my breasts.  He discarded my bra somewhere on the floor as I lay there now topless and one hand around one boob as he leaned over and wrapped his lips around my now intense nipple.  I arched my back and all I could do was hold the back of his head as his sucked and nibbled and rolled it as just then I felt the other hand once again return under my still raised blue skirt pushing it up to my hips more and over my buttocks again slipping his hand inside my knickers, teasing the lace away and feeling his bare hand against my bare bottom.

But he has a girlfriend! I just remembered this and worse still she was sleeping in the next room.  This is wrong.

I should’ve stopped him.  But I didn’t.  I continued to submit over and over to every second and touch and fumble, his entire body wrapped around me feeling like he had more than one pair of hands so everywhere he seemed to be.  Then as if by magic as though thinking about his girlfriend I had conjured her out of thin air there she was, stood by the doorway leaning on the frame and just standing, just watching.  I felt horrified and froze for a minute taking in her expression which was not what I expected.  She seemed totally relaxed, almost smiling imperceptibly and not coming into the room any further but just watching.  From where I lay beneath Josh my obscured view showed me only her face, shoulders and one arm.  She just stood there, leaning, watching, almost smiling.

Just then I felt both of Josh hands go under my skirt again leaving me totally exposed on top to his and her gaze, braless and feeling decidedly unsure of what she was thinking of me.  Before I knew it his hands had gripped my knickers and started pulling them off, from my hips from under my now dishevelled skirt, tugging them down.  I almost made a grab for them but I was too late, they came away and were past my knees and down to my ankles before I could sit up and then they were gone leaving me laying there not only breasts bare but skirt up and thighs well and truly on view.  My thighs felt so hot and I closed them at first as a reflex and as he loomed over me looking down between my legs with what’s best described as a hungry look.  I looked over to the door again and Julie still stood there, unmoved, though I had suspicions as to what one of her hands may now have been doing with herself.

Still on the sofa Josh pulled me down further and one of my legs fell off the edge opening my thighs which I tried to close but his hands decided they weren’t going to be and spread me purposefully placing one hand on my vulva squeezing then rubbing firmly which excited my clit enough to make me collapse back after I tried to get up a little.  One finger then two entered me and he started fingering me fast and deeply making me go into almost convulsions.  Horrified I knew I was on the edge of an orgasm as his fingers forced their way inside and spread my folds with my own moistness until I did indeed cum which made me pull my legs in like a bear trap still with his fingers inside me trying to go deeper and excite me further.  They were succeeding as my body turned into one huge quake.

Tears came to my eyes, tears of pleasure as through them I glanced to see Julie still there in what I now realised by just her big baggy pyjama top and knickers, but one hand was inside them moving in unmistakable motions.   For some reason I found this even more intensely arousing as Josh changed position and loomed over me again pulling my legs wide and lifting one higher to which I obliged being I was in the throes of an after-orgasm feeling.  I felt my thighs open and noticed he was now without jeans.  I hadn’t seen him remove them, he was a magician!

The tip of his erection touched my vagina, my now flushed pink folds, he was wet, so was I and he started slipping inside me easily though still tightly.  I hadn’t seen his cock but he felt large, thick, I felt him stretch me and winced despite how wet I was and his pushed and pushed and I felt him entering and was amazing how long he was as he kept entering and kept going for what felt like minutes until he started to ease back.  Each time he did  he pushed in me again and again, back and again, deeper each time, moving easier by the second, my body pinned beneath him my hips being penetrated by his sex intimately taking me and mine into a seduction I hadn’t expected.

I should’ve stopped him but I didn’t. His bare naked cock now deeply buried in me and moving roughly and quickly making me jolt and shudder, his hips crashed against my pale thighs which exchanged sticky sweat.   I grabbed the sofa trying to hold on as he once again wrapped his mouth around one nipple and bit hard.  My back arched to breaking and I almost screamed as again my hips were parted wider, my sex being taken along with the rest of me all the way.

I looked again to see Julie still there, watching.  She looked pleased, into it, keeping her distance, watching her boyfriend fuck me and not just fuck me but fuck me hard, without holding back, and bareback.  I felt myself giving to every moment, every inch, wanting it, now beyond help as I felt his hips become faster, stiffer, as his cock grew inside me until finally and with a sound most deep from him he cum inside me, still thrusting and thrusting until he stopped and held it deep in my thighs as I felt it pulsing, pumping, god knows how much semen and sperm into me filling me which only served to make me orgasm again my muscled tightening around his member as he spilled the last drops no doubt from its tip.

I should’ve stopped him, but I didn’t, and I’m glad I didn’t. 

The next I looked over at Julie she had sat in an armchair opposite looking herself quite overwhelmed having no doubt also had an orgasm.  I had already guessed she hadn’t minded her boyfriend having sex with me as long as she was there. In fact perhaps this wasn’t the first time they’d done it and I wasn’t the first, it seemed highly likely I thought as I lay there still half undressed now curled up on the sofa feeling very relaxed and very filled. I suppose I had become their plus one. Who knows what we will think of ourselves in the morning as we all dozed off right there in the same room.  I suppose we would worry about that in that then, or not.

As I fell asleep which I seemed to do quickly now I had a feeling this may not be the last time I’m invited around to their house.  I will keep my diary open just in case.

two plus one
two plus one

© 2018 Emmaleela


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