resistance is futile

I’ve done it before but usually in winter, but this was indoors so I thought why not despite how risky I knew it to be…….

rarely do I go out not wearing underwear but today, while at university, I did just that, for a few hours anyway, removing both bra and knickers to boldy walk around the campus like this. It came upon me while sitting in the library which I knew was a strange place to get these feelings, feelings of arousal. I realised for 10 minutes I’d fallen into this kind of reverie about the previous weekend, an experience of a very sexual nature and had started to feel horny and here I was at college, clearly not the place to be distracted in such a way.

Or was it?

For some reason I felt thought maybe I was feeling braver than usual, or more foolish, I wasn’t sure which and maybe there’s a thin line between the two.  During my daydreaming I’d realised a very warm sensation under my skirt, a possible hint of moistening of my knickers and thought perhaps I should take them off.  Not always my first thought but here today it was.  So I stood and made my way to the women’s toilets to do just that in a cubicle. I hitched up my skirt, hooked my thumbs around the elastic of the knickers and pulled them down, all the way down and completely off me. I had a pee while I was there but that’s by-the-by, and didn’t pull them back on.

So now beneath my skirt, an indigo straight-cut velvet mini which is not overly-mini but enough above my knees to be.  I also wore a light charcoal thin cotton shirt, long-sleeved blouse, and over that a baggy black woolly jumper. On my legs I wore light grey holdup stockings and s of now no knickers at all.  It then occurred to me, why don’t I take off my bra too, just while I’m indoors anyway where it’s suitably warm and not the cold of winter that stayed outside.

I removed that too, bundling my undergarments in my bag I was now bare beneath my clothes.

Stepping from the cubicle I faced the mirror which looked back at me thinking I must be slightly off my head to be acting like this.  I don’t know what comes over me at times like this but it happens and I just feel compelled. In the mirror my nipples already were slightly obvious when the shirt pulled across my small boobs.  I had a feeling this is going to make them more pronounced if I’m not careful, and as I found out soon having not been they did. I unbuttoned just the top two of the eight buttons.

All prepared I took a huge breath and went back into the library and wandered around getting used to being without my underwear and admittedly felt my while body experiences ripples of excitement rushing over me under my clothes, shaking inside. It was an enormous rush having never done this at college before. A freedom beneath my skirt I alone knew my state of partial undress. I keenly felt my nipples brush the soft cotton freely making them react in a predictably excitable way.

I walked around the aisles contemplating the shelves, half-looking for particular books. I kneeled down to look at the lower shelves knowing that underneath my skirt which now rode slightly up my thighs I was bare naked, all but for hold-ups: my bottom being caressed freely by its fabric. I found a stool, the one used for standing upon to get to the higher shelves, I did just that, stepped one foot them the other and reached up as high as I could feeling my skirt ease up my thighs knowing they were possibly revealing the top of my hold-ups as a boy appeared in the aisle and glanced at me and did an almost double-take at me stretched so.  I made sure he didn’t see me notice and he stared almost embarrassedly, like trying not too but doing it anyway.  This sent flurries of excitement through me which I kept to myself. I felt flattered.  I got a book and casually read the contents and then reached up again to place it back where I’d got it from.  These step stools are essential if you’re small like me, and again he took sneaky glances towards me.  I took another then stepped down and sat on the stool.  The boy was still there diligently fixing his eyes in his own book but I had a feeling was also looking towards me.  I sat on the stool, knees together but fully aware again of my undress under my short skirt.   I wasn’t so far gone as to blatantly just let my legs fall open unnaturally, although I was tempted by a more mischievous corner of my mind, but I held back keeping some of my standards.

The boy eventually left the aisle probably thinking he couldn’t justify being there any longer, leaving me alone there again, alone and imagining what it might be like to have sex in a library. I smiled inwardly at the thought as I’d never done it here…. yet.

I stood and stepped again on the stool to replace the book.  I decided to try something, while stood I bent over to a lower shelf just to feel what it would be like to be even more bold in a public place, bending over in this skirt with no knickers. I was sure the skirt did ride up so high as to actually show anything overly-revealing but I am sure, was sure it was incredibly close to doing so as I felt the library’s air finding its way up and around my thighs. Anyway, there was no one in the aisle just now so I did it and stayed like a few minutes, partly enjoying the stretch on my legs in a way I do on yoga, being as I can bend over a long way to touch the palms of my hands to the floor while standing.

Hopefully no one will appear but just as I thought that as if tempting fate someone did, another student, behind me at the end of the aisle and there I was, slightly compromised and feeling increasingly horny which didn’t help me decided when I stand upright again. It took more than a few seconds of him being there and me straightening while I couldn’t be 100% sure what he did or didn’t see under my skirt from behind but it made me all the more emboldened letting my naughty side get the better of me

I left the aisle keeping as straight a face as possible and not giving away anything was out of the ordinary and headed without thinking out of the library and was wandering the buildings corridors heading to the nearest college coffee bar, still dressed as I am, in all but underwear. I was carrying my jumper over my arm and looked down to see my nipples momentarily would poke into the thin cotton of my blouse. Despite feeling a bit self-conscious I continued anyway, smiling inwardly. My skirt moved against my thighs feeling different, soft and teasingly like it was tempting me further into this strange behaviour.

In the coffee bar I got coffee, well-needed by now, and chocolate brownie, also hugely-needed and found a free table in the near-middle of the room.  I perched as demurely as possible considering and started to wonder if this was a good idea, the coffee yes, but no underwear and now in a very public space.

I was exhilarating and excitedly terrified which only managed to make my thighs warmer and more tingly.  I leaned back, tried to relax, sipped my coffee, crossing my legs which eased the side of the skirt upwards a little as happens, which wouldn’t normally have been an issue but now, my mind eyes went around the room to see what might be seen from elsewhere.  More nervous excitement tickled me all over tightening my stomach and my crossed legs together. I decided feigning obliviousness to everything was best relax, enjoy my coffee and brownie.

No one but me knew. I leaned my elbows on the table, uncrossed my legs and held them together and felt an urge to part them ever-so slightly, as in very ever-so, I wouldn’t want to be undignified after all  just relaxed.  The power of coffee revived my senses and fortitude as I shifted in the seat feeling my skirt edge up again, barely but enough.  I should tease it down again but…. so stupid and so thrilling.  This is what I mean by just feeling compelled, taken over, in a trance almost.  I can’t imagine what a hypnotist might be able to make me do.  My thighs still so utterly naked under my velvet skirt, I parted them a inch and felt a rush, imagining, of air and of eyes… and if there had been fingers….

The temptation to let my hand slide down under the table was almost undeniable, between them, beneath, I knew if someone actually looked under the table they’d see, notice, something. I didn’t although a devil in me whispered continued encouragement. I just imagined while my skirt held my thighs from even more exposure. I could almost have had an orgasm there and then as Ieaned back in my chair letting my blouse rest on my breast and my slightly more pronounced nipples.  If anyone notices I have no idea what they’ll think.  Depends who they are I suppose and I can imagine some thoughts for sure.  I didn’t care at this point, despite some reservations of letting my horniness get the better of me, again.

I finished my coffee, stood up straightening down my skirt of course, like I said I do have some standards even when I’m thinking like this, and left heading back to the library once again feeling the material of my blouse caressing my bare boobs, enticing my nipples to arousal and my skirt giving free access for the ground to see more than I’d normal reveal. I felt a need, as I often do, irresistible, being unable to stop myself as my body felt so alive and sensually-charged.  I walked upsome stairs to an upper floor of the library thinking do the students below by the photocopier see beneath my skirt?  I knew they at least peeked, I noticed, you do when they think we don’t but we do.  This excited a flight-mode in me but I didn’t react and just slowly carried on up wondering how much, if anything, have they seen.  I don’t regard myself a tease and usually acutely embarrassed by such things but today as different, something in the air, in the water, I didn’t know. My thighs burned with longing, skin craving touches.

On the way up I released two more buttons on my shirt without anyone notice.  My small breast moved just a bit with each and every drawn-out step.  I did it for me mostly, a sense of empowerment.  I never touched myself once sexually throughout but in the inside I did very much so, experiencing such overwhelming thrills wave after wave upon wave.

I walked past tables with people, others by shelves, didn’t once check to see if anyone noticed anything, after all why should they, I don’t usually stand-out in any way and the fact that I’d removed my bra and knickers was only known to me. Though perhaps someone noticed no bra through my shirt, and maybe the guy who saw me bending over in the aisle might have guessed something.  It’s not like I wanted to get up on a table and start a striptease slowly and surely removing the rest of my clothing for everyone to watch and then do with me what they would……….. but now the thought has entered my head….. I must behave.

I headed to the women’s again, into the cubicle and then felt free to touch myself outwardly opening my shirt completely and sliding my hand under my skirt to relieve my heightened and almost manic state of arousal.

resistance is futile

© Emmaleela


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