stranger in the night

It was July and I was on holiday in Brittany with some friends and it was summer and of course hot.

All of us, all four girls, shared an apartment for the week in this beautiful coastal town and luckily because of the oppressive heat was facing the sea which offered cooling respite from the sea breeze.   Our rooms were also hot and of course I could’ve used the A/C but that would have meant shutting out the fresh air and I like the feeling of open windows and curtains billowing so I kept the French windows open all night every night to enjoy the company of night and all its flavours.  Of course I made sure a white net curtain hung over the open doors making sure any biting nasties were kept outside and not inside feasting on my blood.  Not sure it would’ve worked for vampires though but as there weren’t any (as far as I knew) apart from my occasional tendency to bite someone, I think I was as safe as I could be.

I drifted off to sleep each night laying half beneath a single bed sheet in a white, thin cotton short-sleeved jersey bed-shirt, drifting off looking up into the night sky and the faint cast glow of the insignificant street lights below.  The longer I looked the more I saw, more stars and all the vast spaces between them all dark and mysterious and a very long, long way away making me feel like I could fall into its arms like a lover.

The fourth night felt different. We’d been out, I’d flirted with a couple of guys, nothing serious just playful on both sides, after all who didn’t!    And I was on holiday so I feel I have a right to at least slightly misbehave more than usual.  Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.    I declined an offer from my friends this night to carry on beyond very late for even more twilight shenanigans and slunk off back to the apartments where we were staying.  Once back I had a nightcap then at the clock tripped over midnight I eyed the bed longingly and found myself there soon enough once more in my refuge of deep spaces and starry skies.  I slipped off my clothes and into the bathroom for a splash, in cold water of course being far too muggy for anything else then on with my bed shirt and a clean pair of pink floral pyjama shorts and jersey shirt….. I stood on the balcony long enough to breath in and cool down a little more enough to feel I could actually crawl onto the bed and under the sheet.

Once in bed I eventually slipped off to slumber.
Was I?
I wasn’t certain.
A sound, quiet, or was it just my imagination?
A movement, just outside on the balcony?

Was I awake?
I still wasn’t sure, feeling still sleepy.
I saw a shadow cast against the net of the curtains screen.
A shape.
Standing there.
I stared.

Am I awake?
I wasn’t scared.
This must mean it’s a dream or a figment.

The shape moved through the curtains. I watched.  Not scared.   I heard ….. a voice?……. whispering….. unsure….. a breeze brushed the edge from my senses.

I tried focused but to no avail, sleep still monopolized my eyes and still I didn’t move: a shape, a person, a man.  Yes.  I felt his presence like he was and wasn’t there, a shadow.   I felt hypnotized as he moved yet I felt no hint of threat, it was almost as if he didn’t even touch the air as he passed through the curtains and came closer.

I heard my breath… I heard his breath now…….. no words, just breath.

He got closer til he filled my vision.  I felt all-at-once self-conscious of the thin sheet barely covering my midriff though I was wearing my bed shirt and pyjama shorts. I watched unmoving, I knew he must see my eyes open, caught in the half-light from a half moon invading my room.  I couldn’t see his eyes or expression; he was still shrouded in shadow.

He sat on the bed beside me and gently rolled me where I now looked straight up at him, where once was sky was no his shape filling my view.  He seemed familiar.   Strong swarthy features, not old, maybe older than me?    I still wasn’t scared though a little nervous ripple radiated through me.  If anything I was mesmerized.      I’m not dreaming.  He brushed my hair from my face.  Now I remember.   From the last bar we were frequented before they went on to more partying and I came back.  There were some guys we chatted, well flirted with and by coincidence found out they were also staying in this complex.

How did he get onto my balcony?    I remember, the balconies are joined and divided only by a low wall and so easy to climb over.  He must be on the same floor as me.

While such thoughts dashed through my head he run his hand from my hair down my arm and along my hip still hidden beneath the sheet until he also teased that away in one continuous sweep of his fingers.  Without a pause his hand soon was travelling down my leg and off to the side at which I shuddered still gazing up at him.  I must’ve mentioned what room I was in, I must’ve, how else would he have known I was here.    Up to my shoulder went his firm hand to roll me over further now onto my back. At this I almost resisted, almost leapt from the bed but instead I just mutely stared up at him.  I was still groggy, half asleep.  It had been a long hot day and then a long hot evening and now was a very hot and humid night.  My skin felt sticky: my mind felt sticky.

He leaned down over me and placed his lips on mine uninvited.  We kissed and I found myself involuntarily responding, staring into my eyes as if to gauge my reaction.  I was dazed, mouth open like catching tiny flies.  Again, he placed his mouth on mine and we kissed, this time for longer. I kissed back; it seemed the most natural thing to do., a dark kiss on a dark night with this dark stranger whose face was still partially clothed in dark.   We kissed for what felt like a long time, soft, increasingly passionate, making little pleasure sounds. I heard myself immersing in the simple bliss of a perfect kiss.  I felt drugged by the humid night air that rolled in off the sea and over the sill.

His hand slid down my side and came to a halt on my hip where he began to caress me up and down playful over my bed-shirt.  I love that part of my body being touched, it feels like nowhere else on the body does and for a few moments was totally lost in it.    Our kiss grew into something hungrier, more like feeding on each other tongues and saliva.  His touch sent tremors through me head to toe and everywhere in between.  There was a new heat accompanying the air of the night, it was simmering in me and I think in him.  We were slowly becoming two flickers about to set each other on fire: me and this shadow man.  His hands now with more intent moved across my tummy while he fixed my gaze daring me to stop him as he moved his palm my breast, one and then the other.  I gasped nearly leaping from my skin.  Then again he was down over my tummy then quickly in one smooth move between my thighs grabbing me through my shorts. I caught my breath again before I lost it forever.

Quickening, my breath become the loudest thing in the room. He moved and rubbed his hand across my mound briefly across my hips tracing the hollow over my sides then gathering up my shirt in his gripped fingers he edged it higher and higher.   Still watching me with his dark shadowy eyes his movements were fluid,  laying on my back as my shirt was peeled up along my body lift me into an small arch easily releasing my shirt exposing my tummy til just below my breasts and free of my hips.  My skin increasingly revealed to the night, to the air, to the moon and stars, to his shadow-gaze.  A choreograph of filigree curtains danced in tune with an insurgent breeze helping itself to my bare legs exciting thrills which swarmed through me utterly. Once again he leaned down and kissed me, his breath like butterflies along my neck, wings caressing my shoulders.

Such lingering passions unlocked as he continued easing my shirt higher to reveal one naked breast which he tasted, kissed, sucked my tender and increasingly-sensitive nipple until I lost myself in the multitude of shivers layering over me one after another and another and another. His mouth tasted my skin just below my breast and then my tummy where his hand had previously desirously explored til he untied the waist cord of my pyjama shorts and under it flowed down across the fine hair of my mound his breath exciting me not to resist, to surrender, let be what will be; my hips moved in time, some inner sound, expectation.

I heard myself gulped almost trembling the hush that swam through the room.

Down and down his whole body slithered, snakily down holding me just where he had me determined to take off my shorts which he did while I lay captured entranced by his dance which mimicked the breeze made me follow subdued as my shorts were pulled down til he bared my all for his own.  Who was this stranger who had me so completely; taking me, making me do what he wanted, be what he wanted, take where he wanted.   I didn’t move more than a trembling til his breath returned and found my heat, my moistening folds where his fingers had played his mouth, his lips, his breath now took over, the source of my passion almost brought me to fruition as he blew soft swirls of air into me, peeling me open my sex responding readily, too readily, making me swim and almost drown.

A kiss upon my lips between my open thighs, a kiss soft, teasing, another kiss, more and more each one sending me further into a spiral of annihilation.  I grasped more air with my open mouth in case I might die before too long.   His tongue tipped me over, over the edge of whatever abyss I was balanced reeling and spinning sucking each fold of my labia, my sex, my petals flushed pink and hot with anticipation.     I almost cried with the urges it unleashed.  My whole body gripped by this shadows lascivious desires.

His mouth, lips and tongue found the very points of no return stirring my hips to ever-ecstatic screams. He raised my knees while parting me ever wider, almost as wide as my hips would go as I knew full well my sex was also unfolding, unveiling to him, his shadow eyes, his tongue, lips, mouth, kiss and breath, in and out he took me to the edge of passing out then pulling me back he slipped a thumb into my anus and caressed while feeding on my sexual tension unravelling before my widening eyes.  I wanted him to stop, but not, I had to stop this as I felt I was going to die here and now, tiny death following tiny death.  he continued to covet my thighs inside and out until what shred of resolve had left broke to which he gripped my hip wrapping his whole mouth over my sex, finger deep inside and kneading my anus.   I shook, shuddered and grabbed the sheet over my mouth to stifle a scream; my most intimate juices flowed over his lips.  He continued bringing me to orgasm as much as I could give, wouldn’t let me stop, holding me tightly daring me to come again and again, he wouldn’t let me but kept tasting until, as I soon discovered, he was ready.

He stood at the end of the bed, looking down on me, unbuckled his jeans and let them fall along with his briefs.   I could see enough in this half-light to know he was no only erect but impressively and hugely so, fully erect, foreskin tight over a glistening that caught the half-light penetrating the room.   At this point I was dazed beyond reacting, beyond escape, beyond anything more than to stay.  He knelt between my open warm, pink thighs, slid both hands down both of my insides as closed my eyes and felt his tip touch me sending even further cravings through my body, craving I didn’t even know I had.

Then just as I opened my eyes he grabbed my hips and deftly flipped me over forcing me onto my knees on the bed, bent me over leaving, my naked bum at his mercy. I felt his erection lightly pressing, teasing, between my buttocks. I almost died! I’ve never done that before there, ever, and I wasn’t ready.  Despite my internal struggle I couldn’t stop what was happening.  Just then his dexterous fingers slipped down my thighs and open my vagina still wet from repeated tiny orgasms and with relief I felt his erection slide down between my buttocks leaving a warm trail of precum to my sex and forced his hardness between my vulva and into my vagina.   There was relief but also the realization that here I was letting this complete stranger who I haven’t even seen clearly fuck me in my room without me saying yes.

But my body said yes for me and I had to give in as it was too late now to stop his naked cock penetrating me slowly and surely and ever-so deeply as he did as he pushed and pushed and spread my wide and wider and wider still, his slick bare skin slid against mine equally slick and shudderingly accepting every ever-quickening thrust til he set a pace that fitted perfect with the rapid beating of my heart.

Into my thighs he sank his whole finding my heat ever hotter the further he went into my thighs gripping my hips spreading my buttocks, my vaginal warmth accepting and inviting him with wet anticipations.  Each motion smoother than the last as out body responding releasing ever more natural lubrication as willingly I began to feel each and every thin defence I had dissolve.

He locked me firm with his length and his grip, pulsating an insatiable hunger inside me as my began to grip his girth rubbing the back of my thighs…

finding my fire…
a vaginal warmth….
On the cusp of a breathless moment, guided by a mutual desire and moving slowly now… deliberately… furtive in the dead of night and cosseted in its shadowed bliss….. I felt the shape of him urging ever deeper from behind… pushing, taking, making me feel every second, deeper… harder, my hips instinctively responded with increasing fervour. I wanted this, him, to take me, use me, have me as we found the rhythm of the sea and stars swallow us whole, this astral waltz.

He made me want it more and more til I come almost drowning me in its intensity when he suddenly withdrew and held his erection just on the cusp of my fluttering folds.  I am sure he noticed my begging eyes staring back, a ‘fuck me now, please’ look. My pelvic muscles tensed not knowing and then in he thrust so hard and all-consuming I exhaled loudly.  Again and again and again, each time more forceful, more demanding, more coaxing, on all fours it had become animalistic, his hands holding fast to my sweating skin as he kept impaling me over. He reached around and grabbed my breast and in he went even harder with an exertion bringing tears to my eyes.   How could I be enjoying the pain of such pleasure I didn’t know.

Stirrings in his thigh sent a heat enveloping my hips as he closed in on his own impending orgasm.  The pace became febrile each thrust just fed the inevitable until another orgasm gripped my thighs from deep within making him finally surrender and with a outrush of breath he exploded into my vagina naked undeterred a stream of seed and sperm fucking all he had into me, every last drop. I collapsed onto my stomach with him falling from me, two fallen angels, shadows, utterly spent as he released so much cum that some just had to trickle out along my inner thighs my thighs.

I closed my eyes……
took a deep breath……
then it was daylight……

I was alone

I’d fallen asleep and he was gone.  I had no idea when he’d left.  I thought was it a dream but no, as I rested my hand between my aching hips to feel the sticky white remnants coating my mound.  I listened to the waves from below tickle the shore.

stranger in the night

© Emmaleela 2018


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