I got a lift home from the pub with a friend of a friend who I’d met that night.  Paul was nice albeit a bit hyper and very talkative.   We’d all been to a live radio DJ night at a club in the town, popular place for students of course and me being one I fitted easily in to its ambience along with my group of friends I was with.   His offer of a lift seemed very innocent as I know he hadn’t been drinking so knew it was safe.  I’d had a drink though not a huge amount though so I wasn’t off my head in any way.

On the way home he made a detour still talking almost non-stop and saying let’s go on an adventure.  As I wasn’t really tired and was wide awake I thought why not, am open to mystery tours.  Another 10 minutes or so and we pulled up into a car park on the harbour side overlooking the water with the lights of the town twinkling in the water from across the other side like fairy lights.    Just a little glow from some not so close neon lights lit the car park pockmarking it with some deep shadows here and there.  He asked if I was ok and I was and strangely I was.

… but then he asked have you been here for this and promptly leaned across for a kiss at which I backed away as far as possible into the car seat but his lips clumsily docked with mine.   For a second I was taken aback about to push him off me until all in a split moment or two I was in all honesty returning his kiss.

It happened so suddenly and I wasn’t really thinking just reacting and clearly I was feeling more horny than I’d realised which took me by surprise. He seemed to have a way about him making him very sort of easy just to go along with, and I did.    The more he leaned over me the more sneakily his hand found itself slipping over my check skirt, gathering it in his fingers then up along my hips then waist then, startled as I was, over my left breast gently exploring how it defined itself through my black shirt which I soon realised was easily arousing my nipples thankfully hidden beneath.   Such dextrous hand and fluid fingers finding all the best ways to arouse me more and more until I was reaching tipping point almost through my clothing until most skilfully began without pause to unbutton it having several undone before I could object in case I was going too.  Though events had gone so fast I barely had time to notice never mind complain as his hand wove wantonly inside and under my shirt and over my tummy naked beneath to under my breast.

There we were my shirt unfastened, his hand underneath and covering my bra, breast, fondling, feeling, squeezing, enjoying me through as we kissed and kept kissing there under half-lights in this nowhere kind of car park as the harbour glistened and sparkled beyond the windscreen.

He teased away the cup of my bra enough to easily remove my breast completely to further enjoy my bare skin and I found myself just going with move and moment as it unfolded around me.  Deep inside I felt a growing willingness easily crumbling to every single touch he touched me with easily forgetting where I was.    His lips tasted moreish and I wanted more kissing as our lips played and danced learning each other’s moves with saliva and tongues.

Then teasing my shirt wide open having now unfastened and loosened it completely which I was singularly unaware off with all the kissing and fondling so hadn’t thought about stopping him.    In went both of his hands beneath my fabric slipping his hands around my back to deftly unhook my bra loosening it and freeing both of my breasts to the half-light night air that seeped through the half open window. Again without barely a pause nor a breath he slid his now very warm hands down my waist over my hips and quickly up under my skirt, no asking or hinting just doing as I my half-hearted attempt to stop him went nowhere as his fingers clearly did go somewhere!  My skirt rose up in gathered folds along the bare skin of my thighs, increasingly wetted by his questing tongue and lips having exchanged kissing my lips to kissing my legs.  All I could do was lean back and enjoy it, and I was despite the slight discomfort of being ensconced in such a cramped space as a car, my shirt falling more open I no longer cared not thinking how exposed my breasts now were unleashed from their bra.  His hand again appeared to press a button which lowered both front side windows completely too my relief as the cool night air once again poured in to caress my skin.  To accompany his continued caressing of the same bare skin of mine, especially my increasingly warming thighs.

He lifted up my skirt kissing deeper into and between my thighs and I squirmed unavoidably at the sensations it sent through me.  Comfort was no longer the first thing on my mind!

Both his fingers and lips found their way to my knickers having completely raised my skirt to my waist, my soft black with white trim cotton knickers clearly visible.  He encouraged me open to which I complied without saying a word but breathing ever so hard as I felt him pull them aside finding easy admittance to my moistness and running touch up and then down my skin, my mound, through my close fine wisp of hairs.  As I stretched myself back even further at every touch and shudder sent through me I noticed eyes from two cars parked merely two spaces away on either, windows down and gazes clearly fixed even in this poor light in our direction.

A sudden wave of self-consciousness overwhelmed and I almost closed my legs on his head where he kept freely exploring and enticing me into certain exhilarations til heard him whisper it was fine and not to worry and just to go with it.    Without thinking I asked if he’d brought anyone here before to which he just looked up from between my wide open intimacy and grinned, as he suddenly slipped two fingers inside me without another word and I arched and almost bit through my lip.

I cautiously glanced from one side to the other to see them still staring as I knew then and there my top half was largely exposed to their gaze, my bare breasts and unfastened shirt but I didn’t cover up falling deeper into the arousal his fingers and tongue was invoking.   Being watched seemed to increase its intensity and I didn’t do anything but arch myself back feeling but not seeing their gazes penetrating my every breath til I could no longer hold back my orgasm and with a wash so extreme let it go making him finger me even more keenly making me come even stronger, his voice telling me to come for him as much as I wanted.  I did, I did.

Right after such an orgasm I was half senseless and breathless and fell back further into the car seat unaware until he was already lifting my buttocks and pulling my knickers cleanly away and down my bare thighs, my bare sweating thighs. I don’t know how he did it but he slipped underneath me then lifting me up in this cramped tiny space and took my place into the passenger seat lowering me down upon him.   Any thoughts of those watching now gone from my mind for now. He’d unfastened his jeans and slipped them down and I was astonished, this guy was so stealthy, I didn’t even see him do it, and further astonished at the size of his erection!  Size isn’t everything but lordy it helps.  My body was still reeling as he edged me back onto his hips pulling my awkwardly wide open thighs towards his proud erection.  He winked and looked one side to the other to remind me of our audience and I again felt slightly self-conscious but that didn’t stop him pulling my thighs closer until against his throbbing appendage, my now very wet thighs having just come with such intensity.

As he pulled me towards it he pushing it against me and my thighs til it started entering me and there I was letting it, letting him, cramped and hot and being watched but god knows who now seeing more of my nakedness perched on his lap.  My skirt went up and I accepted him inch by inch spreading my glistening wide with every push and pull but despite the space he found his way into me deeper and deeper fucking his whole in with quickening hips.  I felt him filling me being still so tight.  My breasts on clear view he kissed and sucked as he deeply as possible fucked me here in the night with so many eyes drinking in every second and inch of my naked skin.

I gripped his shoulders holding on for dear life with my aching body bearing down on him forced him even deeper into me and over and over against my swollen clit arousing me beyond words.   My breathy gasps escaped through the open window and no doubt to the ears of those watching from both sides, surrounding us with their greedy eyes of which I could do nothing about but surrender to the circumstances I’d found myself enmeshed.  One more and then another and another on and on each forceful thrust enveloped me completely  leaning back against the dashboard I no longer cared who could see and how much although that thought still served to heighten each and every gathering moment no gathering momentum as our pace quickened.

I knew he was close as was I to bareback orgasm, the moment there hunched in a car in public with an audience.  The heat and sweat grew more intense his fingers digging deeper until I released my pent-up tension as I felt him do the same inside me pumping his excitement, his warm and liquid sperm fully into me I felt it spurt and just as soon some trickling out onto his lap, his naked balls until we utterly collapsed in full view of those watching.  All kinds of thought rushed through my mind, my own exhilaration, surprise at how much cum he had in him that now as inside me and what the others were doing while watching and would they dare come closer.

Just then I felt utterly exposed, vulnerable and thoroughly excited beyond words as a single cool bead of sweat trickled down my cleavage still in full public view. I wondered what this made me and also what might’ve happened next if we’d stayed much longer afterwards I wondered and still imagine.


© Emmaleela


  1. i love the good time you both had, i can identify with either if you and so i appreciate that both of you have such a jouous time of it, i even enjoyed the audience, they did not hurt and they added excitment to the story!

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  2. Oh wow, so hot, should I take a cold shower now or take care of the growing lump this just gave me. I love your writing and your adventures, thank you for sharing xx

    Liked by 1 person

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