primal asides

It was the immediacy of it that made it more than what it might have been. The primal depth into which I felt I was falling, and did.  All the way until I’d had enough but wanted more and duly, unexpectedly got.

A normal night out, a bar with friends, dressed in clothes I rarely wore but decided too anyway after it was suggested by a well-meaning friend I may one night go out dressed in a way that could be regarded as slightly more attractive and sexy than my usual jeans and baggy jumper.   For reasons I’m not sure I agreed, if only for a change anyway as deep down I think she might’ve been right and maybe all I needed was a little encouragement. I decided on a mini dress which she partly picked out of my wardrobe for me, of black and white tartanesque with black boob tube and black softly elasticated hem which sat below my thighs but quite above my knees.  With all this I wore a simple black aviator jacket.

I did at first feel a little self-conscious constantly edging the hem down a little further though it was right where it should be and was designed to be.  Luckily as the evening wore on I got less and less worried and more used to what I wore and began to relax and enjoy it.

Drinks were drunk and chatting chatted until I noticed friend of a friend taking more notice of me than I was used too. Eventually it seemed we were soon sat side by side, me on a stool and him stood altogether in our group of mutual friends.   He was on the plain side of attractive, as in not someone I’d usually be drawn too but friendly enough and not unappealing.  As one by one, sometimes in twos, the others either drifted off home or fell into their own private conversations it was just me and him chatting so we moved to a booth on the bar being easier to converse there.

We chatted more and sipped more drinks as he edged closer which I had noticed but didn’t mind having had a few but not enough to be anywhere near drunk, just relaxed and a little open.

Soon enough his hand was beneath the table brushing my leg through my sheer light grey hold-ups.   Soon it was his fingers rather than the back of his hand purposefully caressing as my stockings and thigh feeling his ministrations right through to my skin as he wandered up and down just below my hem line.

I admit I was enjoying the attention because I was, and increasingly excited inside.   I‘m 5’3, light of build, not very curvaceous and have long thought men generally prefer the curvy, buxom type, which clearly wasn’t me, not in any way overly-endowed so when anyone shows attention I often surprised, but I’m also liable to chatter nervously on and on about completely disconnected things, and of course feel flattered.

But here he was sharing a booth with me and letting his hand do most of his talking, though he also was not short of actual conversation too.   He leaned, we kissed with me easily and willingly kissing back, clumsy at first but soon our lips finding they quite liked it and continued while his fingers now more confidently working their way up one leg still beneath the table along the stockings easing up my skirt a little feeling the hem giving.   I couldn’t help but kiss him harder, almost like a reflex to the sensation from under the table and as I did his other hand eased me half-facing him by my hips then slipping it between my legs continuing to urge my dress higher even though I was very aware of where we were in this public bar still.   He touched the skin above the stocking, the bare skin of my thighs within easy reach of my mauve knickers which I soon felt one of his fingers beginning to discover.  What was I doing I wasn’t sure but I didn’t feel compelled to stop him.

I caught my breath. I adjusted my hips which only served to accidentally (was it an accident?) invite easier access for his roving fingers.   I felt my breath heavier as we feel even more into kissing with his hand now well under and hidden in my skirt and now kneading my thighs freely and sensually.

We kissed harder.

We kissed harder staying like this for a while he fingered the fabric of my knickers feeling my increasing warmth and moistness concealed within.  Then he whispered we should go outside which we unable to say no I followed trying to stop myself grinning like an idiot having adjusted my skirt back to decent for walking through the bar.

Outside were the docks as this was all a converted chic dockland development with restaurants and bars and exclusive apartments having been converted from their original function as an actual dockyard for ships and goods.   We walked just a little way in the dark just captured for brief moments in streetlights to a corner where the glow from refurbished original ornate lamps burned a diffuse yellow teasing the water into sparkles where we stopped and he edged me against a wall where we began kissing all over again.  I admittedly gave as good as I got in this department but as quick as we started his hand once again was around my leg, my thigh, as before moving seductively ad determined under the elasticated hem of my skirt.  I gasped. Staring at the sky beyond the lamp glow. I didn’t stop him. Mind and body both intensely even though I felt so vulnerable there outside exposed to the night, the warm air. The kisses grew deeper through tongues tasting.

He fondled my legs, both thighs with both hands holding me more firmly against the brick wall and my breathing grew more intense reaching for air til a hand slid over my dress and inside my jacket peeling and encouraging it from my shoulders where it fell to the floor slipping easily from me.   He made short work of the thin straps of my dress that ran over my shoulders by pulling them down one then the other and the top of my dress over my bra, black balconette bra and small cleavage far enough to see all.

He groped and felt and squeezed my breasts, each one equal attention clearly enjoying the feel of my bra against his grip as I was aware of my nipples growing hard and sensitively-erect.  He pulled down one strap face then the other and then both cups forcing me to inhale somewhat surprised at it happening and the fel of the air against my bare skin. What if someone was watching?  Though there wasn’t as we were well-concealed in a corner in the half-light. He whispered words of approval for my firm erect nipple as he rolled it between his fingers which felt ecstatic.

While my attention was diverted he slipped a hand under my skirt again raising my hem to the tops of my stockings teasing my flesh and then my.  He dexterously reached a hand around my back unhooking my bra like an expert.  I was duly impressed with such stealth!  My breasts now free to the air, released as wrapped his hands now around them roughly.  he was clearly very, very excited and aroused. As was I!

He briefly sucked one then the other nipple as I gripped the small of his back when he grabbed my knickers between my legs and squeezed making me gasp and jump, rounding over my bare mound inside his fingers teasing the mauve material between my vulva and into my folds, pushing, pushing, urging my knickers inside me as much as he could, the wall held me up and stopped me escaping. Was I being too easy, giving in too easy?

After a few minutes he told me to hold up my skirt.  I hesitated but did what I was told as his hands grabbed my knickers pulling them all the way down my legs telling me then to step out of them.  I did what I was told. Hands under my skirt again with me held firmly to the wall feeling his weight, his breath, his body squirming over mine, his fingers, two fingers working deep into me now, spreading me wide, lifting one knee opening me wider.   I was dizzy, heightened emotions coursed through me like a tsunami and couldn’t stop him or myself unleashing emotions and sensations in public.

His finger-fucked me deep as deep as he could encouraging my thighs ever-slicker exciting him all the more.  My hips couldn’t help but respond to being fucked like this his tasted my neck, almost vampiric, half biting-half sucking.   I was unable to stop what was happening to me, caught in this moment where only this moment with him mattered.

I heard myself moaning soft “yes” and “fuck” as his fingered my sex faster his lips moving from neck to nipple til I let my orgasm explode unable to hold back any longer no matter how hard I tried.  I surrendered tightening onto his fingers which only encouraged him to faster fucking until I cum again unexpectedly within a minute of the first. My legs gave way as he gently let me fall gently and supported to my knees, an intense sense of relief in my thighs and aching breasts still exposed.

It wasn’t over. He unfastened his jeans whereupon he insisted I take out his cock.  I did still in a kind of trance and his cock quite a size appeared thick and incredibly hard.  He held my head firmly and pushing it into my face guided it between my lips telling me unapologetically to suck it.  I couldn’t’ say no as I opened wide and felt it slip inside. its musky warmth, slick with precum between and over my tongue, heat oozed from it. Holding my head he began fucking my mouth, still gripping my head I place, back and forth his hips bucked as I found myself sucking him, acceptingly.  I wanted it, wanted him and started to feel the rhythm, sucking his growing erection still feeling how warm and wet my inner thighs were from my own orgasm. I knew what was coming, literally!

He fucked my mouth and I sucked as much of his length as I could but not quite into my throat.  His girth along my lips, his length into and out of my saliva-coated lips as it grew thicker and definitely faster, his hips now determined and unstoppable, beyond any point of stopping no matter what.

He held me firmly to his cock fucking long and fast as I did my best, the heat growing until suddenly he grunted with his cum spilling out and pouring from the tip of his cock into my mouth and down my throat even though I hadn’t intended on swallowing I had no choice as most of it did with just some trickling awkwardly out and down my chin.   He held me til I’d sucked him as much as he wanted tasting the sperm, silky and strange I could only swallow it all feeling it swimming down inside me to my stomach.

He also now collapsed and we sat side by side backs against the wall beside me with my legs closed and realising my breasts were still naked. His cock now slowly and surely wilting before our eyes having done its worst, and best!  I pulled up and fastened my bra and raised the straps of my dress back onto my shoulders, half-decent at least.  Our breaths soon rediscovered the cool night air with a sense of relief, our sweat also cooling against our skin.  I found my previously-discarded knickers and rolled them up in my hand.  I wouldn’t be putting those on again til they were washed. Seems I will have to go knickerless til I get home.

Such immediacy, such primal depth such insanity, what were we thinking?  Clearly we weren’t. It seems the dress worked then.

primal asides

© Emmaleela 2018


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