driving urges

I was driving home a really, really long day at university.   It hadn’t all been good, exams are never my favourite part of being a student, a necessary evil I suppose.    So fuelled up as I was now with having just consumed a black Americano I was heading home.

A lot of worry and stress had accumulated during the past few days worrying about the exams so I was mightily glad they were finally over. Except it had left me somewhat a bit hyper, high, wound up, in serious need of something to maybe relieve the stress chemicals that’d built up inside.  Just past 6pm and I couldn’t wait to get home to shower which would help for starters probably.

While I was driving I rubbed my hand over the back of my neck for comfort then over my shoulders all the while securely keeping hold of the steering wheel with the other of course.  It helped to ease a little my tightened muscles.  But then I realised I’d let my hand slip down and over my left breast which elicited quite a surprisingly sensation not unlike mild arousal through my chest.  If my mind and body were already zinging a bit they increasingly were doing so now as unusually while driving my I felt my awareness sort of ramp-up a whole new level and alertness, and to my own touch too, inside my shirt beneath my bra my nipple began to tingle, become very much aware of a heightened sensibility washing through me.

I rested my hand there and began gently caressing while I drove home feeling some tension fall away but, but a whole new emergence of ‘tensions’ were beginning to make themselves apparent.  I began enjoying the shivers it sent through me and fled like tiny fingers beneath my clothing so I kept caressing my breast and then the other until my fingers were touching and counting the buttons of my top that ran down my cleavage to my belly button and waist.  Still driving I chose to just unbutton two buttons from the top down and slid my hand beneath to touch my bare skin which felt exquisitely warm oddly enough: my own hand, my own touch, and began playfully fingering the lace edge of my red bra.

I drove on……

… and drove my fingers on to continue touching my bra until I found myself slipping beneath one cup to touch my own nipple now at the very least semi-erect within the softness of the lingerie.

For a few miles I carried on this rather unusual behaviour while driving, caressing massaging my breasts beneath my shirt which did nothing but to arouse me even further I was finding.  Almost unconsciously I slipped my hand down over my tummy, and down to my thighs until I was fondling, touching my own skirt.

Still I drove on…….

I pressed the material of my cotton skater skirt between my legs tucking it in tightly with the side of my hand, gripping the warmth that nestled between my thighs luring me with thoughts I shouldn’t be having while in charge of a vehicle.   I rubbed myself there again the fabric between my legs encouraging a tense and release, tense and release motion along my thighs and knees.  I realised pretty quickly couldn’t keep driving while I was like this: clearly increasingly and seemingly unstoppably horny and getting more so.  Luckily I remembered a car park tucked away behind some sand dunes by the side of the road coming up very soon.  I’ll stop there, I thought.

I drove on…….

…….. trying to keep my focus was easy as I am used to multitasking, though not usually while my body is decidedly febrile with arousal.   It wasn’t easy but I managed and pulled in to park then gasping a huge exhalation of relief.    I leaned the seat back and took several deep breaths. Through the windscreen I scoured the rest of the car park and though there were other cars there I couldn’t see another soul.  I got out and walked around to the passenger side and got in, there was more space with their not being the steering wheel for me to stretch out and leaned back again once seated.  Almost instantly I couldn’t hold back and let my hand slip once again into my blouse, loosening more shirt buttons til it was open to my tummy.   I felt and squeezed my breasts inside my bra, something not normally as arousing when you’re doing it yourself but today it seemed to be pretty good feeling.   I caressed my skin til my fingers found their own way inside the bra to pinch and roll my nipple between them til I hissed with my own pinching-feeling but I continued and did it harder and harder each time a little pain then each time it lessened, then I wanted more of that feeling and pinched harder, rolled them til they became noticeably erect.

I felt increasingly excited by where I was and what I seemed to be doing and pulled down the cup of my bra.  Looking round the car park again I still saw no one so I completely unbuttoned my top and slipped my hands behind my back to unhook my bra with a huge sense of relief felt my breasts released as I let it mostly fall away exposing them, nipple and all, shirt wide open.   I licked my fingers moistening my nipple with them enticing it further erect my light brown aureole almost reddening and swollen ever-so slightly.   My hips shuffled in the seat as I felt such inviting warmth in my thighs.

I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and pulled it open and from the waistband of my black skirt, my bare tummy, breasts and bra kissed by the air.  My skirt had buttons down the front so I unfastened just the top button and ran fingers under the band.  Feeling my tummy rise and fall with my ever-deepening my breathing. Here between my thighs I held tight with my legs together for dear life through my continuing arousal, fabric gathered rubbing up and down between my legs I just had to touch, even here in such a public place I was compelled. One hand down the skirt along the pleated hem and underneath edging up my legs till I could touch my knickers constantly drawn to my own warmth inviting.

I pulled down the cup again revealing a single breast and caressed my nipple, my aureole, lifting my skirt and fondling between.   My legs fall open, my black and white spotted knickers moist through all this attention as I sat here in my car in this parking area.

Tension unravelling like springs…….

I was drawn to glance up to notice another car parked across from mine: inside someone, a man, staring in my direction.   I was only half-aware and I didn’t stop my indiscretions, encouraging my body into vivid undulations: I knew just where and how to touch…….

I began to find his watching itself arousing as I knew I’d reached a point of no return though I considered covering myself again but didn’t. Instead I eased the bra strap from my shoulder and exposed my breast completely and clear enough for him to see and rolled my nipple between my fingers excited even more by now.  Just then I was brought back briefly too awareness of my surroundings and noticed two more men, on foot not in a car but who’d stopped not far away off to the side who were stood there staring: watching.   I felt increasingly possessed, partly by my own touching but also by their eyes, staring and still I couldn’t help myself.

Further still I lowered the side window which slid all the way down.  The air that rushed into the car was such a relief cooling me but not stopping me as it brushed across every part of my now semi-exposed skin, my breast, tummy, between my thighs.   I was excited by the attention and pulled my blouse from my other shoulder, pale shoulders both clear to view I knew this and continued although nervously to lower the strap to expose my other small breast and decidedly erect nipple.  I was in a trance, a spell, absorbed in the moments that all had become blurred into this single moment. the upper part of my body was visible from outside the car no one saw where I had my other hand which fell again between my thighs as I teased my skirt all the higher moistening the cotton of my knickers.  Just then the two men on foot had edged closer while I briefly had my eyes closed.  I felt it was a game of grandma’s footsteps: they move when I’m not looking but freeze when I look. I knew they must now have a better though still obscured view.

But still I didn’t stop. I couldn’t.

I needed to orgasm whatever else happens, I needed this so much so I continued despite their watching, three men with their attention holding me fast, pinning me with just their eyes to the seat of the car.  I caressed my breasts, my nipples and over down to my tummy, up again, I edged my skirt upwards and now almost beyond caring slipped my fingers down my knickers them pulling them down past my few fine pubic hairs and touched my spot between my mound now flushed and moist and noticeably pink. The scent of sex mingled with the incoming air….. and their watching. Opening my legs I my fingers do their worse, and their best.   Though I was none of them could see below my waist they seemed still drawn to stay and watch with a clearly clear-view of the upper parts of me.

They kept watching as I felt my body shudder growing closer to a climax as I tightly closed my eyes I stopped seeing them completely lost inside my own sudden lack of inhibitions.  My skin was on fire while my fingers urged and goaded me, as did their eyes, on and on until I felt my body utterly surrender in an orgasm overwhelming uncontrolled I felt a moan exhaling from my mouth as my thighs shuddered made me arched against the seat as a tiny but substantial implosion rocked me whole inside.  I thought I felt my heart skip a beat, maybe two, maybe three, I lost count………

I opened my blurred and tear-stained eyes that I’d so tightly held shut for the last several minutes and saw the man in his guy grinning, maybe he had also cum, and the two men standing near had sneaked a little closer perhaps just enough to see a little more of me inside the car as I came with such intensity.  I suddenly felt very self-conscious but still admittedly turned on by their watching, seeing, being there not touching nor taking part although they did in their have a part to play in enhancing that experience, that moment, those moments all caving into one illicit craving.

I felt a wave a relief as well and thought still horny thought I better go as if I stayed who knows what might’ve happened next.   The turned the key and the engine purred to life again and I pulled away tempted but not daring to glance back nor stay longer but perhaps, just perhaps I’ll come here again soon, and perhaps I might stay longer to find out what might’ve happened next.

driving urges

© Emmaleela


  1. wow! wow, thanks Steve, thats incredible and vivid and made my mind flip over with all those imaginings and possibilities. So beautiful and erotic and tempting, very, very much so.


  2. I love it when you expose yourself. I think it heightens your every feeling. Why not have a night where you enjoy yourself in a relatively protected parking spot. Let a friend know before hand what you will be doing. And then just don’t stop. Enjoy every fold of your flesh knowing that they can clearly see every detail. Maybe a Saturday afternoon would be better and a little more embarassing.

    And then a pre arranged of mixed and known friendly company where you are striped and convinced to be the deliberate entainment. You allow them to touch you everyplace, take turns. Not fucking you in private, but causing your orgasm again and again. They compete to give you the best orgasm, touching you in inventive ways, while the others can see every detail. You are on a small raised stage, perhaps an island in someone’s kitchen.
    You give in to every single request, and are prodded in every erroginous zone and orifice, and rewarded for every touch with an unforgetable wave of orgasmic rush. While everyone at this small party is allowed to see your private parts in clear detail with no obstruction. You are unforgetable to them also. But the most invasive aspect of this is that they can also see every emotion on your face, clearly, and they will never forget the vision of each. Every cry, every laugh, every grasp of breathe. And they watch your hands too. As your body tenses.
    Last …
    It is finally over and you are drained and allowed to nap for an hour, your friends make breakfast, your favorite. and you talk about what has happened, with you at the breakfast. You are the only one nude. no touching. but they ask every embarrasing question possible, and you answer, while eating breakfast, with friends who accept you absolutely spent and nude. What affirmation is there greater than this?

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  3. Oh Emma, shy in so many other ways but when that urge hits you out comes the slut 🙂
    I loved it, needs a quick clean up, no pun intended. . . . bet your hands were shaking as you turned the ignition key.


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