night moves

I remember it clearly.  Laying here remembering every touch, every breath, every whisper to which I surrendered that night…..

… and  night offers so many temptations that the daylight can only fantasise about. Is it best to leave such offerings to the imagination destined to self-pleasure alone in the bedroom or shower or allow them to bear fruit in the real world?

The latter of course, overwhelmingly drowning out any apprehension I may have.

I met him in a pub while out on a girly night out.  We all noticed him and they dared me to go over and chat to him who it seemed had also noticed us, or as I was told specifically me.  It took me half an hour to pluck up enough courage but in the end I did with drink in hand like a shield wondering if I could just walk straight past him pretending I was heading to the loos or somewhere. Luckily for me he spoke first as I reached him which was useful because just then I found my mouth dried-up through my usual panic at such first encounters.  He was gorgeous but in a rough-edged kind of way, older than me maybe 10 years or so but as soon as he spoke I began to relax to his smile which I felt just lured me into his orbit effortlessly.

All else, faces and voices, all became background as I listened attentively to his voice, watching his lips, eyes, cheeks, chatting easily as the minutes and longer went by about almost anything and everything.  Luckily he didn’t seem to mind my nervous babbling replies which I know I do at times like this when I also hear myself thinking I should just stop talking and cut my losses.

By this time my friends had moved on to another bar vaguely remembering them waving and mouthing they’d see me later, blowing kisses as they left.  Soon we were also on our way out of the pub together at his suggestion saying we can drive to the one where my friends had gone.  It was then I’d noticed he wasn’t drinking alcohol at all, a relief as he was going to drive.  He’d been on soft drinks only, good for him.  Making our way to the car we chatted and he placed an arm around my shoulders which I didn’t mind and even surrendering a smile at this act.  His car was parked under the neon lights of the pub car park and on reaching it found him gently leaning me against the passenger door and wrapping his arms round the small of my back to chance a kiss to which I unconsciously responded although trying not to be over-enthusiastic as I didn’t want to come across as desperate.

His hands ran down my Jacquard-weave thigh skirt, its black and white flecks finding its designed-slit a little way up the left side; up my ashen-black chiffon blouse and under my jacket. We kissed more there in the car park against his car under the yellow half-light while his hands explored over parts of my clothing.   He brushed the side of my breast with his hand, briefly almost imperceptibly making my heart skip a momentary beat………. by the time I got my breath back he’d opened the car and we’d climbed and set off driving to the next pub but before we got there he took a little detour turning off the road and into another car park on the edge of one of the parks.  It wasn’t as well-lit as the pub one with just a couple of dim lights barely illuminating pockets and surrounded by a few trees.   He turned off the engine and leaned across and again we started kissing, both of us giving as much as the other.  I must admit I wasn’t averse to this having enjoyed the last kissing we did, nothing to lose from a kiss.

As we kissed his he found his increasingly familiar way over my clothes again but with decidedly more vigour this time and bolder, brushing my breasts til he was soon fondling me.  His enthusiastic and wandering hands began exploring my knees sending tremblings through me as we just kept on tasting each other’s lips his hand now cruising easily and determined up along my bare leg right from my knee as I felt braced against the seat til before I knew it he was under my skirt making me almost bite his lip and mine.  I caught a breath and peeked down while we kissed as his fingers squeezed my leg by the hem of my skirt exciting my skin.

His kiss overwhelming even I found myself reaching around his waist to fondle his bum through his jeans, but just then I thought I noticed a light from across the car park making me freeze for a moment whispering and stifling a giggle there might be someone else here.  He glanced and just shrugged in a confident way saying probably another couple making out like we were.   He brought me back to the present with a deep and full-tongued kiss while keenly edging my blouse from the waist of my skirt and slithering underneath and around my bare waist. Breathless and feeling torn between maybe stopping what was happening and maybe continuing it seems for now at least I chose the latter as his hand how working its undeterred was to the slit of my skirt wrapping his palm and squeezing my thighs. I could’ve maybe should’ve brushed his hand away but clearly didn’t leaving him to easily slip under to touch my knickers with the briefest of touches not lingering.

As though on a whim he opened his door and said we should get out so I did without thinking arrested by the moment where he took me to the front of the car keeping me where we stood now leaning against the bonnet, or hood, as I felt it still very much warm through my skirt from the engine not yet cooled.   We kissed more as my buttocks pressing firmly against the car while his dexterous touches flowed restlessly up and then down and all over my skirt and my blouse his brushing becoming caressing and temptingly teasing my breasts.  I once again whispered about the car opposite between hasty breaths to which again he shrugged and then wasting no time has both hands up my blouse raising it, fondling, exposing my tummy, my black balconette bra with the navy blue lace, and my breasts which he squeezed  making me arch slightly over the car.   I couldn’t help but feel a growing excitement rippling through every limb to my breasts and most clearly my thighs in this public place in the dark of a couple of dimly-bright lights, all despite of the other car here.

Distracting me easily as he managed to do all night with yet another deep-seated kiss I was arching back yet even more over the bonnet my elbows holding me and legs steadily parting simply because of the position I found myself awkwardly and he took quick advantage by standing between them and instantly pulling one side of my bra away before I could voice any objections even if I was going too which I might’ve but strangely didn’t.   He easily bared my single breast to the dimly-lit night air caressing and fondling long my curves, its softness and over my nipple and aureole into my cleavage kissing it now with an increasing fervour exciting me to a dizzying fever by sucking and biting my nipple til it grew most erect.  Almost collapsing onto the car barely holding myself, I felt his hand now between my slight-open legs and under my skirt instantly edging it higher the slit making it easier, material gathering around my thighs til he’d managed to raise it all the way over my hips, or just enough to reveal so much more of me hidden beneath.

He freely and liberally began feeling all over my now very moist knickers and rubbing so much to soak more of my moistening into the cotton: I was almost flat on the car now, skirt well up over my hips with his hand enjoying my heat and my sex in what must have seemed to him my total surrender which maybe it was.  I still wasn’t sure but couldn’t decide one way or the other.  Then the rubbing became an intimate teasing away of my deep blue knickers still just about hugging my hips but it seemed perhaps not for much longer.

The cool air mingled over my warmth as inside he slid in a finger then two almost making me orgasm right there and then.   My legs falling wider now the more that he fingered me, his  and my breath both rapid, excited, leaning over me his other hand pulled down and open the rest of my bra fully exposing my breast to the night as he continued to finger and fondle til shifting his weight and all for a moment I noticed were the stars in the sky so remarkably clear as my body was clearly crashing past any point of return before whatever this was I saw all the way through, all the way through to the end as his fingers still further entreating my secret yearnings.

Again for a moment with head turned I noticed the other car and now more acclimatised to the dark and I’m sure I saw at least two maybe three shadows huddled inside that didn’t seem to be moving.  I was keenly aware of the madness of all of this now half-exposed, half-stripping with my breasts on show to the night and his fingers so deeply embedded inside me and making me moan quite clearly I still felt compelled to not stop even though by now I was sure and almost convinced now they were watching, just sitting and watching: I felt on show arched over the front of the car but by now I just couldn’t even stop myself never mind him as he’d brought me much further to through layers of lust already my choices just melted away.   It was just as this thought flashed through my mind that in one swift easy move pulled down my knickers completely and off.    He was quick and with my skirt was still gathered up over my hips I was now even more blatantly exposed to the night and all of those eyes in the shadows enjoying the show.  I was the show!  With my breasts neither no longer tucked in my bra he was between my legs really fast having already unfastened his jeans to stealthily guide his no clearly very erect cock into my thighs as I felt it wetly touching my most tender parts.

I knew right now there was no way out as his fingers peeled my open til I was feeling his girth open me wider and wider gliding on my now well-lubricated pink folds.

Just then he whispered again saying I think… let them enjoy the show……. my mind reeled taking in just what he said as he was no so deep and assuredly inside me arched over the car half-stripped and exposed that all I could do was go with it: and I did.  Every stroke, every thrust, every breath that we took as his hips fucked longingly, deeply hard into mine my arousal was touching the sky as I couldn’t help such intense emotions and passion, desires unleashed as I loved every second and wanted it deeper for longer to which he obliged as though reading my mind.  I now knew for sure they were watching us, there just to watch and drink in every moment and I knew they could see just enough though dimly-lit as it was could still get clear glimpses of my half-nakedness: my breasts, maybe my nipples erect, and my wide-open thighs that he held me between, my buttocks sliding along the still-warm bonnet.  I felt my own lusts being opened up realised as all of this and me unfolded before the night.  He lifted my leg to let him keeping fucking me ever the more deeply, intently, igniting every nerve in my body.

… and they watched….

This wasn’t love-making this was far more primal as the night air washed over us and into us and through us, the naked skin of my thighs and breasts tingling and elated at its diligent attention, as much as they are to the shadows watching from the car.  My muscles contracting around him inadvertently willing him on and into me, wanting, needing, such an unadulterated undenied thrill.  He had brought me here and now he brings me to the brink to just as easy push me over. I’m grabbing for thin air and his skin digging deep my nails into his buttocks in an orgasm so intense and heightened by circumstance, so intense and relentless overwhelm me as he kept fucking, fucking, fucking me again to a second brink with his buried deep inside me being watched, our audience as we acted out as best we could our adlib lines of onomatopoeic bliss.  My clothes loose or open, lingerie all but discarded or useless as I felt him take his deepest breath to release it noisily as he too surrendered falling head first over the very same brink into me he flooded me releasing more with every last exhaustive thrust filling me with every drop of sperm, of cum, dominating every corner of my thighs, my sex, the cool night air kissed my skin pervasively until slumped complete onto me for a minute maybe more.

Once again I saw the stars even brighter now refocusing eyes as I heard an engine starting up and disappearing as the shadow car dissolved into the night from where it came  as though it wasn’t ever there.  But it had been and so were we, basking in the afterglow, the aftermath, the sweat and trembling thighs, the open air, a layer of his cum now coats the naked skin of my thighs.  I feel and hear his breath:  this is so far from anything I had planned for this night as he whispered… that was fucking hot……… to which without a word I had to admit secretly it was, very much, under the stars, in the shadows, public place being watched by who knows who I’ll never know the strangers that I let into a small part of my lust.

night moves

© Emmaleela


  1. You are a genius at the fine are of creative surrender. You love it so, and you make me love it so.

    Liked by 1 person

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