ulterior motives

I just did it, almost without a thought.

Mind you I had had a drink though not many, just enough I suppose to be more relaxed than usual and perhaps eliciting a more adventurous side.

I found myself dancing in their living room after most of the rest of the party had left.  I was thoroughly enjoying the sounds and how they made me feel and move my body in I was hoping sinuous ways, or that’s what I imagined it looked like. I had no idea what the evening was going to bring though when I got there having been invited by Dominic who I’d had a sexual liaison with one evening a couple of months ago.

Here I was and so was he at the same party, but not just us there were others, friends and friends of friends, until as I said they’d left. The penny should have dropped then that maybe, just maybe there might have been an ulterior motive in his invite but as it was a group of us I thought nothing of it.

It was halfway through the evening and I was the only girl remaining along with three guys although I was the only one dancing. They just sat around in the same room and chatted but also more and more seemed to be watching me, even encouraging me in a way men do, in a flirty way but mostly harmless. I didn’t mind, I was enjoying the music and felt quite generally relaxed around them.

I felt my body moving and responding in subtle ways to each change of tempo and mood of the sounds, from verse to chorus swaying and lifting my arms up and down again, eyes closed mostly part in an almost trance state at times though I still noticed them watching increasingly it seemed intently.

I had no idea they’d regard my dancing as a kind of teasing, foreplay even, but got the feeling they weren’t complaining so I carried on.

what was I doing? leave now while there’ still time?

I was wearing a yellow and moss green frock dress, thin shoulder straps and lightly flared at the waist and had a white waist slip underneath which allowed my body to curve and flow freely to in perfect harmony its fabric not restricting me in any way but brushing my skin softly. By now I’d noticed their gazes seemed more fixated on me and I felt encouraging me to continue, running my hands up and down the material of the dress.  I was barefoot having discarded shoes very early on in the evening. I was now at moments dancing closer to them, drawn inexplicably by their eyes, moved away then back again to where they sat, Dom and James half-slumped on the sofa, Peter in an armchair, all drinking.  At one point I bent over Dom and cheekily blew a kiss at him. It was so close I almost made contact with his lips.

I perhaps should have stopped at this point and decided to go home, but I didn’t. This faux-kiss encouraged him to sit forward and lay his hands on my waist stayed me as I swayed between them, my arms once again up in the air.

His hands were warm, unsurprisingly, almost burning through my dress through to my skin. At this point I turned around and with my back to him bent over and suddenly felt his hands placed on and moving over my buttocks which I even more clearly felt through the dress.

What was I doing?

I failed to take that as an early-warning sign and continued. Instead, probably foolishly, I playfully wiggled my hips and bum then until I felt something. He’d reached up to catch the zip on the back of my dress and lowered it down all the way to my waist in one clean move opening my dress and exposing my bare back and skin but for the straps of my bra.

I pulled away reaching around to zip it back up but Dom groaned and said in a mock-sulky voice just to leave it, what does it matter, I’ll fasten it up again in a minute. I decided to appease him and leave it as it was, so I kept dancing, turning to face them again with my dress discernibly looser and hanging from my shoulders. I approached Dom again playfully in the pretence to wipe his faux-sulky expression off his face.

I grinned bending forward again to see if he would be true to his promise to zip up my dress.  Instead as I leaned in and the straps fell from my shoulders more loosely enabling him to clearly and openly look right down my cleavage.  Despite not being overly large in the boob area his gaze and the others too seemed transfixed on what was just my cleavage after all, what’s the big deal, I thought.  It Inadvertently I revealed more than hints of my blue white lace-trim bra.  Time for him to zip me back up again so I turned back to him only instead of what I expected his hands took the loose shoulder straps and pulled them away and the top of my dress down to my waist.  I stopped dancing and I reached down to pull it back up but Dom moved my arms away leaving me like that with my naked top and my bra on show to all of them. Peter shifted excitedly in his chair.

Surely it must be time for me to leave now…

Still with my back to him feeling somewhat embarrassed I felt my whole body warming, flushed, shuddering with the kind that signals excitement. My tummy, tops of my hips, shoulders now all naked.

A second pair of hands move around my waist while Dom’s stayed on my hips still covered by my dishevelled dress.  It was James and as he held onto my slim waist encouraged me to sway which I did, unthinkingly while Dom’s hands settled more comfortably for him around my hips, fingers kneading the fabric and gripping as he began to pull it down even further down.  I lowered my arms thinking to block his sly moves but James deflected me gently discouraging my arms leaving me just watching Dom’s mischievous smile spread across his face.

James held my arms pulling them upwards where I saw my fingertips a few feet from the ceiling.  I breathed in as best I could being stretched like this deep into my lungs and ribcage to helplessly feel Dom tugging at my dress which slipped downwards as I half-tried to pull myself away from them both but as I didn’t try that hard the dress kept moving easily from my hips coming away before all of our eyes revealing my white chemise waist slip.   I was left swaying in only my slip and underwear.

Ok, enough now, time I should be going.

But I didn’t.

They encouraged me to dance more and that’s what I did, dancing in my lingerie for them as Dom reached forward again and pulled me to him running his hands over the slip which he seemed to enjoy more than a lot.  I felt his breath on my naked tummy his face so close as he gripped the chemise fabric and pulled that away too as he had my dress before I could even think never mind say no… no, no, no, my lips tried to say but the words never really got beyond an inhaled whisper.

Now standing before all three of them in what remained of my underwear, blue bra and dark green knickers I had the irrational thought, why didn’t I wear matching lingerie. But surely this wasn’t the most important thing I should be thinking right now.

Again I felt his breath still close and now brushing my green-laced hipsters feeling understandably more than exposed by now. Turn around, Dom quietly ordered, and not thinking I just did it.  Then again, dance again for us Emma, his voice was hypnotising and I danced realising the music was still there filling the background with its ambient temptations to which I was tempted.

I felt time slip and thought several minutes had passed when it must have been only seconds, I opened my eyes and found James now standing in front of me moving with me, his hands on my hips and another pair of hands from behind, Dom’s, fingering my bra hooks which he unhooked one clip at a time, clip by clip, his dextrous fingers surprisingly adept. I tried to object feeling surely things have gone far enough when my bra came away falling open at the back. I caught it holding it to my breasts while James kept moving my hips and his side to side in some erotic kind of what was steadily becoming a forced striptease, mine!

I stood there swaying holding my opened bra hiding what little modesty I had left feeling all the time a rising rush of heat and excitement coursing through my body.

This was not what I had planned for the evening.

Let’s see the girls Emma, said James, don’t be shy, you’ve come this far don’t spoil it now and Dom said we could. My mind reeled as he moved his arms away and I still held my bra against myself.  I was now worried also I might spoil their evening and thought a compromise, that I would but just my breasts and nothing else, that’s all.  He responded with a um-hmm suggesting to me agreement.

So I did.  I nervously lowered my arms along with my bra exposing my small breasts for them to properly see.  Nice one Emma, glad to see you don’t disappoint the guys, said Dom.  I was light-headed with the effort and an almost claustrophobic as their eyes crawled all over me.   I was conscious that my nipples were so erect and couldn’t fight off this internal thrill against my better judgement but at the same time a mild panic at being almost completely stripped naked, despite the fact that one of the, Dom, had seen me completely naked months ago on that one-night thing we had.

Dom told me to dance and I did, he had a way of making me do what he asks, I don’t know how. It did give me breathing space to think though my thoughts remained clouded and confused.

I danced now in just my knickers as they watched attentively.  Peter hadn’t touched me or been involved at all but just sat there with what I noticed was a definite bulge in his jeans. Again I found myself surrendering to the music and the moment, and then the next and the next moment in a strange unsolicited way feeding off their watching.   To which I ran my hands over my tummy and even to my breasts feeling a strange sense of freedom, of release, surprising even myself when I touched my own nipples in front of them, around each light brown aureole sending shivers right down to my toes.

The sensually-charged atmosphere of the room made it feel like being drunk but I wasn’t.   Once upon a time I’d never have done anything like this, but now here I was…..

what was I thinking?

I moved my hips, my thighs, legs together, closer to them while my limbs swayed and played with the music like I knew what I was doing when I didn’t.   They drank me in and the more they did the more I felt aroused.  I was within their reach now feeling their hands touching my bare legs as I kept my eyes closed.  I should pull back but the hands seemed to urge me forward, just in my knickers, the thinnest of green lace fabric hiding the only part of me still private and I hoped would remain so as they agreed.

Had they agreed?

I soon found out, in fact they hadn’t.

James’s hands ran up and down the skin of my thighs making me breathe all the harder. They pressed onto my hips, feeling my curves and bone structure with his fingers playing with the green waistband until slipping two fingers under the elastic.  I was brought out of my trance trying to say no, biting my bottom lip I again failed to make any real sound beyond that of breath as he looked with a look reminding me he hadn’t agreed that it would just be my bra I would lose tonight.

The words oh my god, escaped my thoughts but not my lips as I pulled in my tummy as though pulling away as he began teasing my knickers away from my swaying hips.  Dom stood behind me reaching round cupping both of my breasts in his hands, squeezing and taking me by surprise. I stared in almost horror as I heard James say, now let’s see all of what Emmas got, after all it’s only fair, you showed it all to Dom.

no, no, no…..

Tight as my knickers were to my hips he had no trouble pulling them down slowly, agonisingly slowly as I was firmly held by Dom revealing first a hint of my neatly trimmed and fine light brown pubic hair and then more of it as I watched and tried to breath, Dom’s hands caressing my breasts and nipples.  Then further revealing the bare line of my labia hiding the pink moist folds of my sex til he took them off completely and I was left stood before all three utterly naked.

I was overdosing on an exhilarating mix of euphoria and tension.  I always felt sex was a drug, an addiction, and almost always undeniable.  I kept swaying without thinking knowing my naked body, breasts, nipples, tummy button, thighs and buttocks, knees and feet were at the whim of three horny men. Dom edged me closer to James who ran his hands up and down my skin that felt increasingly flushed with the ache I couldn’t control.

His fingers brushed my thighs from the front while Dom did the same from behind,  I was trapped between them being pawed, played with, sandwiched most intimately and I couldn’t help the moistening between my thighs.  They explored as I stood there my legs barely able to hold me upright but for Dom’s grip.  All of a sudden I was shaken by my own tiny orgasm that dropped me like a rag doll into James’s lap where they continued to devour me with touches and groping, and I had noticed also Peter had join in, now three pairs of hands taking me.  As I lay there across James on the soft sofa my hips higher and mound more than exposed they parted my legs and inserted their fingers one then two, sometimes more at a time making my body quiver and almost resist.  They entered me over and over spreading juices all over my mound as I grew increasingly tender and aroused inside and out.

My entire body screamed.

I was arched over him as they fingered me, tasted my nipples, made me come again and then a third time my clit feeling very pronounced and sensitive beyond almost anything I’d felt before, a beautiful agony.   My legs fell open with Dom now between them and I saw his pants open and very large cock blatantly on show. He bent my parted knees and now propped against James pushed inside me without hesitation.  He was as excited and didn’t waste time but entered my well-fingered sex deeply in and slowly out, repeating over and over, intensely penetrating my tight thighs.

Wave after wave his thighs crashed against mine forceful and commanding, I arched again onto James and this went on for longer than I was aware as James and Peter both toyed with my sensitive nipples, red and swollen with their attention melting me further into their desires. It was then I felt Dom’s body rock and shake and just knew what was coming, literally, and it did realising we were bareback as he emptied his seed into me and I tightened and again was brought to a small orgasm making me inadvertently squeeze his erection drinking the final drops of his cock.

I was dizzy as he pulled out his still large, thick red erection and before I knew it they swapped positions and James was now between my still open legs.

His thighs crashed into mine before I had time to change my mind, just as Dom had, no further foreplay as he went even harder and faster.   He was big, bigger than even Dom who I thought quite a size and perhaps my limit but seemed not, I could feel it deep in me as though reaching my stomach, he breathed as hard as I did at each thrust and I succumbed to every inch of him, knees bent, legs wide and still dripping from Dom’s orgasm.

He fucked faster and faster knocking the wind out of me like he wanted to get deeper than was physically possible, our pubic bones banging until I saw his face change as Dom’s did, he flushed, his eyes closed tight and his hips bucked into me, once, twice, three times and then also bareback shot all he had into me.    A hot flow of lust rushed from him filling my now swollen sex forcing me to orgasm yet again, and this time in a big way.  This time I actually did scream. He collapsed and I collapsed having just received yet another man’s cock into my hips, both their sperm mixing inside me in liberal amounts.

I was sweating as we all were, even Peter who had been squeezing my breast and masturbating while watching every second and had ejaculated into his hand and over the floor leaving his erection smeared white and glistening, which I saw through a blur, captivated at seeing him pleasure himself even while I was immersed in an aftermath of my own.

I had no idea what the evening was going to bring, and certainly not three men having their way with me as they pleased.  I could have gone home earlier but I didn’t.  I have a sneaky feeling I’m pleased I hadn’t. Just as James had pulled out his now not-so erect erection from my soaking thighs I remembered about my underwear and thought to myself, the next time I will be sure to wear matching bra and knickers, just in case.

ulterior motives copy

© Emmaleela 2018


  1. wow, and thank u so so much. It was intense, it was outrageous too but there are times when its like a switch flicks on inside you and theres no way to turn it off again. Thanks for your words, and for taking the time to really read it and understand too 🙂


  2. OMG you did it, I hadn’t read this one. I love that you stayed at the party and enjoyed, as you knew that you would, allowing them to have their way with you, all the way to having complete intercourse with you. I love that at every truly exciting point you allow them to see you orgasm. I love most that you had a wonderful time, at first stripping to show yourself completely to them, and then to allow them to touch you, to make you orgasm again, and then to orgasm themselves, inside you. You describe every feeling, and every move, just as if you have really been there. This is a masterpiece. I would have loved to have been there myself, and to watched you dance, and to felt your flesh. But through your writing skill, I feel that I was there. And thank you for that. Right now I feel appropriately close to you, love.

    Liked by 2 people

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