behind the curtains

I didn’t close the curtains.

It had got dark and I still didn’t close them.  On the third floor of a 3- storey shared house across from a university Halls of Residence where a lot of international students live through the open curtains and fast fading light outside I saw some windows across the way in darkness, some with lights on and some with people in and out of them, sat at desks studying, as so they should be and so should I start to do now.

Such a busy, busy week of running around helping people in my role as a peer guide and finally the end of the day, time to stop and spend some me-time in the weekend before next week and normal lectures of the semester begin again.

I didn’t close the curtains but just without thinking kept the lights on. I was aware that anyone should they bother to look could’ve seen in easily especially as it was growing darker.  With so many windows from the opposite Halls facing my house then I knew it was possible and I wasn’t naïve when I didn’t close mine just deciding for some reason not to do so.

Today I’ve been wearing a blue patterned skater skirt, a leather braided belt and black leggings and some flat-heeled calf boots, a white loose lace blouse, vaguely see-through, but also a dark blue sleeveless tee underneath which was clearly not see-through.

I discarded the boots, first thing to always come off, followed by my black leggings, letting the air to my skin again and it was warm in here so didn’t need them as much as I had outside in the winter chills.   Sitting at my desk to the side of the window I tried to get down to some study notes which I managed for all of 10 minutes as I kept finding my mind wandering to distracted places.

I didn’t close the curtains.

I stood up and facing the open-curtained window through which the outside world was all but faded into dark except for the light from some opposite windows.  Like I said people milled around within them doing this and that and whatever.  I found myself staring out just two feet back from the large bay window.   My hands running absent-mindedly down my neck finding their way carelessly down my lace blouse and gently over my breasts down over my torso, once at my tummy fanning out to over my hips my skirt where I found myself gathering some its fabric into my fingers edging it higher in the process.

I closed my eyes for a moment or more. My body felt tense. I stretched all my muscles inside to ease some of this tension. Sensations quivering deep in my stomach.

Opening my eyes I stood staring out of the window not really focusing on anything as such.   I gathered yet more skirt in my hands til I found I was touching my knickers beneath, caressing their lace trim reminding me how soft they feel to wear, the hems around my legs so delicate, soft and securely hugging my skin.

I didn’t close the curtains.

I felt let my fingers across my inner thighs under the cotton, the lace of my knickers. I was warm inside and out and touching merely proved what I already knew.  Moistness tempting me further, I’m teasing my skin feeling light-headed, but still I kept touching and tracing lines of my sex concealed under the thinnest of cotton under my skirt.   Inhaling my tenderness touched bringing a smile to my lips.  I slipped off my lace see-through blouse discarding it on the floor imagining myself for a brief moment a stripper beginning her dance leaving me stood here in my blue tee-shirt and skirt facing the window with unclosed curtains still breathing, breathing, breathing…….

Once again my hands flows down my neck as water embracing my breasts to linger a moment til trickling further over my tummy onto my skirt entreating the folds of the fabric their softness  I tried resist myself from moving too quickly my body was coming alive in sensual waves.   Hands began feeling like somebody else snaking over me pulling at my clothing like they were restraints to escape.   I pulled my tee shirt up and like my lace top came slowly away and over my head leaving me stood before the open curtains in just my purple corded-lace bra.  Impatient fingers moved over my tummy again to my skirt, again to tease up the hem to my waist not sure what I was doing or why, up until my purple knickers were clearly on public display……

Still I didn’t close the curtains……

…… fingering the small violet ribbon adorning the waist band slipping both hands between my legs firmly across the intimate hidden beneath the cotton.

Leaning forward I bit on my lip as I edged my hands between my thighs, still feeling like they weren’t my own, and squeezing tight. The warmth and the moistening, while every receptor electric to touch responsive to every single tiny move.

I didn’t close the curtains.

Elated by my own wetness through the purple material instilling a craving for more as I unfastened the belt and lowered the zip at the back of my skirt still there by the window and without a second thought nor a chance to take stock let it fall to the floor discarded along with my blouse and my tee. Stepping out of it still found I was stood by the window, light spilling into the night through the wide open curtains.   Only my lingerie hiding the same a bikini would do but offering more as a touch of self-consciousness crossing my thoughts made me for a moment turn my back to the window instead of just closing the curtains….. I didn’t.    Instead I remained just like that one hand easing down one side from my breast and feeling my nipple aroused.  A pinching made me wince but I did so and did it again and again feeling the way that it made me feel.

I didn’t close the curtains.

Back to the window and my hand now exploring over my knickers feeling all over, how they sat to my thighs, tight against skin, smoothly over my buttocks, between my legs:   and beneath, my mound, my folds, the curves of my hips.    Over my bottom with my back to the window I couldn’t resist but to caress myself, kneaded myself and gently ease them down myself knowing full well I was challenging my modesty as I exposed just a bit more of my nudity through the wide open curtains.  Found me familiarly to my pubic mound beneath, through finely-shaved hairs…… my knees buckled ever-so slightly on touching, caressing beneath my purple enticing increasing exhilarated feelings, sensation, emotions forgetting the window I blatantly stood next to parting my legs a few inches. Reaching around I undid my bra letting the straps fall and cups freeing my most aroused breasts once again slipping my hands down my knickers filling them pulling them down just a little…..  should I turn around now? Face the wide open curtains?

I turned half way around side on to the glass and so far gone now pulled down my knickers down even more exposing a glimpse of my soft hairs to anyone there, the voyeurs I seem to be encourage watching me losing control of my senses as I teased myself into surrender unable to stop.  I knew how to touch myself tenderly just enough, just enough to unfolding just enough to explore just enough, to reveal just enough even though I wanted to do so much more.  Beyond stopping I continued and excitedly grabbed at my breast pinched my nipple still only partly exposed.  My thighs and stomach tightened at my very own fingers now treating and caressing my sex, inner thighs deeper spreading the moistening over the glistening fine hairs as I masturbated there in front of the open window with only the light keeping the dark at bay from invading my space and I now couldn’t stop, hands buried determined and wantonly inside my knickers threatening to pull them completely away.  I grittingly whispered
no, I can’t,
but really thought
yes, I could.

In my underwear only I stood there by the window and felt myself until I was beyond stopping. Sideways to the window, right next to it now I grabbed my breast and pinched my nipple still partly hidden under the bra cup, even though unfastened, and winced.  This made my thighs and tummy tighten and I slipped inside me rubbing my sex harder spreading more of my own glistening through my hairs and over my mound and covering my fingers.   I masturbated in front of the window, hands inside my knickers threatening to pull them off me but I didn’t.

Sometimes I must be my own worst enemy at the whims and desires of my own increasingly avaricious sexuality constantly wanting to know more, do more, be more: this rollercoaster kept rolling my whole body screamed for release.

Was anyone looking in, seeing, staring, transfixed as I seemed to be but not of someone else but of myself, my own selfish yearnings: I didn’t know, I didn’t care.  In fact deep inside I knew if there was that it excited me further, intensifying every second as I stood there half-naked in just my dishevelled underwear bringing myself to fruition, to orgasm on full view of the world outside through the wide gaping curtains.   I moved my body with and against my hands and fingers, my bra almost completely falling away exposing one breast and nipple to any eyes beyond the glass, my knickers half-forced down partly revealing as in a rush I couldn’t stop nor control I cum in an orgasm that caused me to tremble with its light-headed crash inside my thighs unexpectedly overwhelming I was utterly overwhelmed publically cumming in such a way.  My legs gave way; I swallowed any words that tried to escape in response crumbling into outright submission

I cradled myself in my beautiful bemusement prostrate on the bed where I’d fallen wearing only my knickers now askew, loosely-draped bra and a slightly embarrassed but satisfied sense of relief.  Would I do it again?……. I knew in my heart that I most likely maybe most definitely assuredly would.

……. I hadn’t closed the curtains….who saw? Who knows, mostly I just didn’t care.

behind the curtains

© 2017 Emmaleela


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