best of both worlds

This was the day when I properly realised how much I love surrendering to women as much as I do to men and it was a revelation, particularly women older than me.   Up til then I’d known the pleasure enjoyed being with other girls my own age but it was during the summer and I’d just turned 16 that I experienced this new coming of age.

I was visiting a friend at her house where she lived with her parents and she wasn’t home yet from swimming so her mother invited me in to wait until she got back.  It wasn’t unusual as her daughter Sarah and I had been school-friends for years.   It was a warm day in July, summery, and we went into the kitchen where she offered me an apple juice most gratefully and thirstily accepted. We chatted about stuff, this and that, for a while in the kitchen until she suggested we go sit in the garden to wait being as it was such a warm, sunny day would be a shame to waste it indoors.

We sat on one of their many benches in their huge garden, of their very huge house, one half-hidden behind a substantial box hedge in one of what they call their ‘garden rooms’.  Their garden was made up of all these secret little corners and ‘rooms’ of discovery where almost everywhere you turned there was a some new path or hidden haven to find.   We sat and sipped and chatted more as the sun kept the blue sky blue and the shade dappled including where it lightly fell on my bare shoulders of my sleeveless, blue summer knee length dress.

After about 20 minutes she commented how nice my hair was, which is a sort of light brown, not special I thought but it is soft and she seemed to like running her fingers through it as she perched on the bench sideways to me.   She’d done it before so I thought nothing of it but smiled enjoying the contact and sun and of course dappling shade.  She was 20 or so years older than me and amazingly beautiful and she kept fit with dancing mostly, though not professional she simply loved it as a hobby.

Her touches sometimes brushed my necked also bare and exposed to the sun and air of the as we sat there and I became keenly aware growing awareness inside me, of a warmth, it could almost be like an excitement, or in truth if I’m honest I was beginning to feel a stirring of emotions, of desires.  We’d stopped chatting as she brushed my hair and let her hand run down my shoulder and bare arm.  I smiled and she looked at me taking it as perhaps an invitation to continue although it was on my part unconscious.  We placed our glasses on the table beside and she leaned over and kissed my forehead. I blushed. I could feel my skin warming up with more than just the sun.  Her hand touched my cheek turned my face to hers and she kissed me soft once on my lips.

Without thinking I responded as best as I could, my inexperienced mouth on her far more experienced lips as mine took on the shape of hers, her kiss.   She smiled and looked and kissed me again and again I responded, accepting her kiss freely I couldn’t help but respond in kind my whole body tensing, trembling, butterflies flitting deep from my tummy.  Each time seemed longer and much deeper than the last til her hand slipped down my bare arm and over my chest, my breasts and caressed me just there through my dress and finding the front buttons which she carefully, gently unfastened one by one from the top.  I raised my hand and held hers in a kind of gesture as though to halt her progress but……. she seemed to insist, in a kindly way, and I dropped my hand away as she continued one by one unfastening until all the way down to my waist was open and loose peeling away from my skin dress revealing me and my bra where her hand slipped longingly over my tummy while again she kissed and again I accepted.   Caressing my waist when her hand flowed casually over my small breasts softly squeezing engulfing her fingers moved under my pink bra touching my nipple making me almost leap off the bench which the way it made me feel but she held me there, firmly, insistent.  I couldn’t stop her, resist her move more than an inch from her touching, her kissing, my body now told me to stay and I did.  I stayed right there encased in her hands and her lips and her warmth.

Her fingers played with my nipple til it was quickly and clearly aroused and erect still inside my bra and then easing it open revealing me for the first time to her gentle gaze. She smiled again and her whole hand covered my boob as she firmly caressed me excitedly making me even more elated than I’d already become. Blood rushed to my head making it spin as this beautiful, older woman caressed me in a way that made me completely and freely submit.

She kissed me, I kissed back, her fingers pulled open my bra exposing my flesh to her touch and the sun in this half-hidden corner of the garden.    My breath felt breathless but I couldn’t stop her nor myself and she wouldn’t even have let me now after going this far. My dress opened to my waist when her hand found its way to my knees, my legs whisking over them, my bare legs, up and down lifting, lifting my dress up as we sat there her hand pulled me round again gently insistent.  She kissed me as I felt her hand moving unhindered, unerring between my legs moving up along my thighs, my dress edging higher until reaching my knickers, pink cotton lace where I felt her hand feeling me, rubbing my thighs open placing her fingers against my sex.  I daren’t look down instead found myself looking up through the dappling canopy above as her fingers having made my knickers very moist she slipped them aside with my dress now up to the tops of my thighs as she touched me more intimate now, tracing her fingers over every curve of my sex easily feeling my pink, flushed folds.  My fine pubic hairs that faintly covered my mound and lightly dappled my labia her fingers explored with increasing motions til peeling me open and fondling my folds til they gave her the access she wanted as I found myself easily melting, surrendering, wanting it more and much more.  She touched softer than I’ve ever been touched there before, more knowingly, expertly her fingers insisting to which I was helpless to refuse.

Me and her daughter had made love a few times and had always been wonderful, fun and exhilarating always ending in orgasms both, but never has her touching and the feeling aroused right now in me ever been like they are now with her mother.    Into my sex she glided while teasing my clit which she brushed til it swelled and I knew it and felt it so unbelievably sensitive now.  I gasped for breath til again she kissed me while two fingers now slipped deeper inside me curling and opening me more, fucking me actually fucking me now as I let her, I had to, all hope of choice long gone and I didn’t care as I felt myself breathing ever more desperately suddenly knowing I was so close, so close and much closer now to cumming as she fucked me not just with her fingers but her kisses, her hand, her arm her entire body moved along mine and with mine with all of herself fucking all of me.    I felt it again, the welling inside impossible to resist and knew I couldn’t hold back as the mother of my best friend made love to me, fucking me here in her garden.

I was spinning, dizzy, close to fainting but didn’t and most definitely on the very edge of orgasm.  She was inside me, all over me as we sat there being dappled, her fingers inside me, my sex now soaking and aching and feeling things I’d never felt quite as much before then. Her hand under my dress, inside my knickers, long fingered motions, I started to sweat with the strain of restraining myself then I couldn’t hold back anymore and my body convulsed with an orgasm so extreme she kept fingering, fucking me, kissing me, holding me, making me cum to my body collapsed into her arms and her own heavy breath.

I’d cum like I’d never ever done before and fell utterly limp in her arms my thighs now so tender closing them tight and my breath barely keeping me from dying.  She held me closely kissing my cheek and I smiled through tears of joy that I realised had spilled from my eyes. “Our secret”, she whispered, “and maybe soon we can do this again me and you?”. I smiled and nodded. I had to say yes because it was true, how could I not, surrendering so completely I was in love with the feeling of knowing I had the best of both worlds: giving myself to women and to men, to a friend as well as their mother.

best of both worlds

© Emmaleela 2017


  1. shoot I’m glad u could make that comment out with all my typos I must been shook fr om your great story

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  2. Emma,

    You are truly a sex angel. ❤ You have a gift of erotic prose that rivals anyone else whom I've ever read–and I read a lot of erotica. Magical, just magical. I felt as if I was there watching you and Sarah's mum.

    Liked by 1 person

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