stranger desires

Once, or was it twice, yes it was twice at different times, I had sex in a car in a car park a guy. He was older than me, not much just a few years and it was in his car in the spring time with the windows down in a half-lit car park behind a lay-by off an A-road…

It was so intense, so invigorating and even though not the most comfortable place to do such a thing the sheer daring, spontaneity and risk of it in a public place where we could easily have been seen and I have a suspicion the first time it happened that at least one person saw, or watched, for how long I never found out or even if they did but still, I remember that feeling that stretched the senses to overpowering levels as to increase arousal even more than it would have been and it was already high being so exposed as we were.

That particular time happened in the back seat, my first car park experience, while my second one called for more agility and bendability being we were sat in the front.  A different man, a different place but also a car park, this one next to a public park.  Before we did it we were stood outside the car when he pressed me against the bonnet leaning me over and kissing with his hands fumbling all over my clothes and soon under my tube dress pulling it higher to touch me even more intimately making me feel in the back of my mind self-conscious as how out in the open we were and doing such a thing, more of me on show than would be normal or socially acceptable.  It was him who suggested getting back in the car where in the passenger seat I straddled him after releasing his substantially excited erection, holding it between my hand, feeling it throb, grow, thicken until I managed to get one leg across him and with the back of the seat as low as possible lowered myself onto it, onto him and let him sink deep into me as long as he could go as deep as was possible which on its own almost had me close to orgasm even before we’d properly started to fuck.

We did, fuck, excitedly, both feeling the added rush of the chance of being spotted.  We weren’t that time as far as I was aware and if we were I had no idea. Regardless nothing could or would’ve stopped us as we were both high on each other’s desire to just go all the way there and then and not stop until we were totally spent.

On both occasions my lust, my other side, the one not quiet and shy and a little nerdy was allowed to escape and reap havoc on my senses and sensibility.  I found the first time partly a surprise as it was and though a little unprepared felt myself all too easily surrendering to the course of events.  The second time though I had done it before in a similar location it still found me surprising myself at my yet again compliance, my mind and body both on collision course with the moment as it overtook me and I let it, wanted it too, needed it too take me each time different, each time showing me more and more of my nature deep inside.

Was I a slut or did I just find an increasing love of sex, of exploring the sexual and everything that goes with it, of saying ‘yes’ in my head to the moment and not holding back?  If I am I slut is that a bad thing, why should being that be a bad thing when the before, during and after of these times just leave me grinning and deeply satisfied.

Since then I have found in me powerful cravings towards it to happen again, and again I would hope.  To enjoy and experience sex in cars and car parks, or similar outdoor exposed spaces. In me there must be a sense of voyeurism, perhaps to watch sometimes but mostly to be watched, to be seen.  These urges make me want to give myself to men in these places and let them use me any way it happens, to go with the flow however much flow there is and I imagine there could be an awful lot.   I want to go there, a car park, or perhaps a beach, a park, any semi-secretive, anonymous suchlike place and be open to such possibilities.   Maybe I’d be taken which would itself also be exciting for me, or I would have to take a deep breath and go myself, on my own which I have before but rarely stayed long.  I have even masturbated in car parks a few times having felt a need while driving somewhere so pulled in, parked and enjoyed touching myself until I came.  Sometimes there were other people there and again only once can I be certain someone saw me and I am sure he not only saw but watched for several minutes.

The next time I go and it will be soon I can feel it I will know I will be there for more than just self-pleasure, I will feel the urge to tempt whatever other possibilities might offer, or indeed might take.  To be taken in such a way, used, a stranger, or strangers respectfully and maybe not entirely respectfully helping me sate this hunger I believe is in so many of us.  It can’t just be me.

I will wear a skirt most likely, and a button top, and possibly hold-up stocking, woolly ones perhaps in this weather.  All clothing I feel could become dishevelled but I could still keep them on albeit opened or pulled up by hands other than my own.  Even in this I can’t help but maintain a degree of the practical.  Maybe something would happen in the car, or a strangers car, in the back seat perhaps?  It could happen outside, against a vehicle or over the bonnet, which may indeed feel warm at least though I think my thoughts would be total preoccupied anyway.

I will go soon, this weekend, to places I suspect such things might happen. Who would be there, maybe you might. How many and what exactly he, or they strangers all, would do I don’t know. How far it would go? I would hope all the way, all the way.  My body aches with this longing having done it twice now although with both having gone there with each of them at those times.  My body aches with the unknown, the before, the during and the after-rush.

stranger desires

© 2017 Emmaleela

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