cause effect

you want me
to be your whore
you want me
to be your slut,
you want too
call me names
to strip me naked
be untamed,
make me take
a leap
make it more
than dreams,
feel each one
push in me
give myself
cause effect
saying yes
take your turns
I am undressed,
to feel them
feel me
watch them
fingers using
my consent
is undefined,
carnal bound
open wide
screaming as they
come inside,
each ones seed
flowing free
on the edge
keeping hold,
then you want me
on my knees
all my senses
under siege,
then you want me
make me taste
every drop
not to waste,
then you want me
on all fours
arching spine
and taking more,
then you want me
knees up high
on my back
open thighs,
then you want me
taking two
catch my breath
as both intrude,
then you want me
saying no
as deep inside
my cravings grow,
pass me round
my innocence
soon dissolves
a thin defence,
more than just
a fantasy
a fall from grace
obsessing me,
strong the urge
capture me
I surrender
to this need,
you sink
I drown
I’m trust
my breath
my core
I am
your whore.

cause effect

© Emmaleela

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