best behaviour, not

It was a hot day, which is an understatement. It felt like melting.

Far, far too hot and I needed to cool off so I got my stuff together to go swimming.  I went on my own to the pool as I often do as part of my keep fit, not to mention I just love water and that floating sensation of being held and at the whim of ripples, or waves or simple the bizarreness that is water.

The place I regularly visit has an indoor and outdoor pool which is of course heated, this is Britain after all.  Despite that I opted for the inside one as I usually do.   Once in the changing rooms I slipped on my black and grey bikini, checked in the mirror as it’s always a good idea before walking out there and headed for the indoor pool via the mildly warm quick shower and foot bath on the way out.

Once there by the pool I sat on the side looking around glancing around taking in all the other people paddling, floating, swimming, chatting.  A mix of all ages both men and women.   I sat and dangled my feet into the water getting a feel for the temperature which always takes me by surprise whatever it is then slid myself feet first into the ozone water feeling by body slowly but surely acclimatising to the new environment that lapped around me, over me and across the bare parts of my skin.  Despite this it was still enough to enthuse my nipples erect beneath my bikini.  That always happens to me.  Then under the water I immersed myself completely drenching myself head to toe and everywhere in between soon becoming thoroughly wet through and through.

I climbed out again and picked up my towel and decided it was just too hot, stepped into my sandals and made my way to the outside pool temptingly languishing in the bright sunny sunshine.  Even just in my bikini I was hot and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay out here too long because I sunburn easily.  Placing my towel and sandals together on a bench I again sat on the edge, this time outdoors under the big blue sky as the water lapped right up to the edge spilling over slightly washing under my bum and between my thighs, so cool and refreshing, relieving, my already pale skin paled further by its contact.

Once again glanced around taking in who else was there, leaned back staring up into the cloudless blue above, arching my back and swishing my legs back and forth against the water feeling it wash against my skin, my feet, knees, again my thighs, between my legs……… very aware of it there, kissing and caressing my bare skin the edge of my bikini now wet with tiny wavelets soothing ripple upon ripple.

A few more seconds enjoying this before then then easing forward to drop into the water all the way under, where it was deeper than I was tall, being only 5’3, vanishing through its surface tension carrying a deep breath down with me til coming up again for air blowing water from my mouth.   I was held, buoyant, weightless, in the tiny turbulence I kicked up along my doggy-paddling legs.   I felt a warmth becoming a heat, not the heat of the sun but from my own body flushing across my skin…. aware of an arousal that made its presence known.

I swam some widths then some lengths making sure to touch each end, turning to make my way back again.     At first I felt as though I was wrestling water, the waves though small were there nonetheless, until I finally surrendered to its rhythm feeling it accept me stroke by stroke now smoothly slicing  through the surface.  At each end I’d twist and turn and kick my legs against the side to hurl myself torpedo-like under the water feeling each time the tiny drag induced a tug at my bikini bottoms like sneaky unseen fingers trying but failing once again to pull them down.  They stayed well-tight against my hips but the feeling that it almost but not quite teased them away was enough to make me imagine all kinds of imaginings.

After several back and forth I sat again my bottom on the edge, stood and strolled walk along the full length of the poolside adjusting my bikini top and bottoms as the water dripped off every inch on my skin, my tummy, my thighs and bare legs I remembered that tug as the water tried but didn’t quite ease my bottoms down.

Once at the deep end I dived in from the edge, an intense rush of momentarily mid-air and then splicing apart the water with my fingertips, then head, shoulders, all those bubbles tickling the skin my neck, cleavage, belly, of course my all the way down my legs feeling once again the waters fingers vaguely meet resistance along the material of my bikini attempting but of course failing to pull them awry.

I bobbed up in the middle of the pool; upright dangling feet and legs arms outspread moving the water around me in tiny riffles, just the tops of my breasts, shoulders and head visible.  I rubbed my belly underwater almost unconsciously playing the water between palm and naked skin finding the waist of my bikini bottoms and let my hand slide over them and then without a thought between my legs  to feel, the warmth, my familiar intimacy…

… this was different though.  In public, in the pool, urges best kept in private finding themselves enjoying the wild.

All at once self-conscious I floatily edged my way to the edge where I placed my back against the wall still in the water, legs now free to largely dangle free.     I shouldn’t have but found my fingers slip down again and into my bottoms and over my intimacy, my mound, to feel, touch, explore, soon  rounding over my clit so breathlessly aroused I seemed to find myself.

Mingling with the water my own moistness played around my thighs inside and out of my bikini, I leaned my head back again drawn into the big blue sky and began rhythmically caressing over and round beneath, my inner thighs, hips gently moving at the whim of the waves.  Tensing and relaxing in equal measure, biting my lip.

Furtively glancing I watched my hand like it was not mine through the distorted lens of ripples, hoping and hoping I there’s no interruptions.   I’m unsure I even be able to stop anyway so heightened had my senses become.   I edged under more easing them down a little more, two fingers teased, teasing.    The sun swamped the pool glinting light ephemeral as I tried for composure, at least above water, while finding increasing arousal coursing my entire body, every limb, sending wavelets across the surface.  Swimmers swimming lengths swam by unaware… or were they?  breath quickening unable to resist the growing surge, urge, emerging from deep inside me, faster, wanting……..

 ……  my whole hand now inside my own bikini, tummy tensed and I was caught unawares as all at once my thighs contracted closing on my fingers as the orgasm overwhelmed me.  I almost lost any above-water composure while not able to stop I come again. The water gathered round me as though drawn around to hold me closer.   I let go and felt myself sink beneath its welcome stifling my inner scream I almost screamed until second later I broke the surface taking the biggest gasp of air as though I’d been deprived for days.

Slowly my heart-rate once again beating something close to normal, the flushing on my skin subsiding, I adjusted my bikini to something more in-keeping with being at a public pool.  I turned around, back to the pool and pushed hard away skating on my back held by waves before slowing to a float, my overheated thighs finally cooling.  A few more lengths to get it all out of my system before clambering out very aware of what just happened, what I did, what I so intensely enjoyed and as innocently as possible strolled to a showers…

 …. on my best behaviour, I think maybe not.

best behaviour not

© Emmaleela


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