an insane moment of release

It was a crazy night.

Lots of unexpectedly bizarre things had already happened but by far the most was being taken by the hand into a toilet cubicle by a guy whose name I was still trying to remember. He’d told me about an hour ago but the music being so loud I just nodded not wanting to be rude.

Student night’ in the club, that’s why I was here being I’m a student at university and here I was with some friends on a party mood night out with no intentions other than to have fun. By now it was lord knows what time…….

Despite me being half in a daze most of the night our chat progressed til as the night got later I was taken by the hand through the sea of faces and limbs and half-spilling drinks to the washrooms. He had a smile that made me melt and all night I felt increasingly aroused by being in his presence as though he oozed some kinda lust-drug. We were soon, thankfully, in the Ladies and the thought now of having to face a Gents toilet was way too disturbing to contemplate. It could be it was closer and he simply dragged us both through the first door we reached.

I felt only vaguely aware of others having just been keeping up with where I was in here now passing a slightly embarrassed smile to the astonished faces of the women in their messing with makeup and chatting about this guy or other. No doubt this man in our ‘temple’ was most definitely wrong. He whisked us into the first available cubicle, a very small, cramped space as you’d imagine and not one you’d normally be sharing with anyone never mind a man. He pushed the door closed and slammed a kiss to my lips forcing me against the just closed but not locked door my drink still in hand and surprisingly I responded, it seemed the normal thing to do, though far from the normal place in which to do it. He took my drink, took a sip and placed it on the cistern.

His kiss was firm, strong, determined, both him and me now more than a little excitable. I kissed back as it seemed the best thing to do as for several minutes we sucked on each other’s faces like fishes gulping for air in between just as his hands became the next thing I was keenly aware of. Holding my shoulders and pinned to the door at first then moved to the wall as he slid down my arms without stopping until he was touching my breasts through my black thin vest top then even more keenly to my skater skirt just hanging to just above my knees. He hands wandered freely and wantonly as in such a small space I was unable to prevent him going where he did.

Enjoying my small breasts as I imagined he did having spent so long ad so thoroughly exploring them having the right effect on me and making my pulse race and my nipples aroused. On Kissing more as he felt me all the way up and all the way down unstoppable and holding me firmly while through the closed door whisperings and listening I could feel other girls just inches away paying far too much attention to what was occurring behind this closed door.

One hand slid sneakily from my well-fondled breast down the front of my dress down and over my hips to straight between my legs unexpectedly making me jump as he grabbed me hungrily through the fabric of my skirt and my knickers beneath squeezing knowingly. No doubt feeling the incredible flush of heat that now pulsed from there. By now I was flushed both with the rush of the moment and the heat of this cubicle increasing the desire I knew was on offer under my clothes. A small sweat broke in imperceptible beads over me.

I didn’t but almost fainted as he’d slipped up my thin vest and easily around my back to even more easily unfasten my bra as he eased it up with my top releasing my breasts bare naked to his continuing explorations and gropes. More skin to touch and claim for his fingers and eyes as every inch of my body was telling me to go with it and not panic now, see where it goes I just had too, I had too, I had no choice. While just beyond the door voices were heard still listening to our clumsy fumbles. So enthusiastic was he at my seeming and actual surrender to the moment that his hand slipped unhindered under my skirt fondling and feeling my soft inner thighs then my knickers now most definitely moist.

His other hand also soon underneath lifting it as I held on to nothing almost climbing the wall with my back. He raised it high enough to show him my black bikini-cut knickers.

He hand tightening between my thighs engulfing my sex in his palm and rubbing the soft material into me soaking them increasingly. My head spun, partly the heat, partly the alcohol, mostly from a sense of surrender to where this might go and was going. I tried to keep any moans as quiet as possible fully aware of the small crowd of girls just outside the door, but it wasn’t too easy biting my lips in vain hope.

One hand worked under my knickers over my buttocks squeezing and further exploring found their way around to the front finding my damp naked wetness, my sex, my vagina, my cunt. His fingers definitely knew what they wanted and what they were doing even in such a space almost instantly bringing me shuddering to orgasm. It took only a single touch by now.

I closed my eyes and heard myself moan.

His fingers worked me inside my sex over and over in and out hooking round almost making me stand on my toes. He held up one leg almost causing another orgasm erupting inside me. We kissed as his hand without even looking were here and there, everywhere and very much inside two fingers fucking me.
Soon enough he pulled at my knickers and tugged them free of my hips promptly down my quivering legs. I’d come this far……..

Up went my dress again as I found myself clearly submitting to each surging second as he unzipped his jeans and freed an enormous erection or so how it looked to me. I peered down and held onto the wall. Still holding my leg high his cock clumsily was guided and slid in between my legs. It tickled my naked thighs as I grabbed it without thinking to make sure it found its way in, and it did as his precum coated my fingers and soon twitching he worked his way into my folds, into my sex I felt opening as his thick head with foreskin peeling back the tip swallowed inside me I gasped.

In he pushed further determined to go all the way and he did and kept going into my tightness to fuck me right there in this tiny space, skin upon skin, bare skin in bare skin. He lips found mine drawing back my head for more kissing as I felt him drawing into and out of me over and over as I gasped ever-deeper breaths.

My now willing thighs held him tightly his motions were fast and impulsive his erection both thickening, lengthening burning between my legs along with our sweat rubbing firmly against my clit. Shockwaves, convulsions through every limb while my hips and my muscles gripping his cock as it opened me, forcefully, willingly.

It wasn’t too long when all of a sudden his pace quickened, our breaths coincided, me gripping his hips fucking me as I knew what was coming which was him and he did like an explosion his cum in me gushing spasm upon spasm thoroughly inside me. The intensity made my legs buckle, collapse being held by his arms and a final few thrusts just making sure it had all gone in, every sticky drop.

My legs became jelly as his warm cum lapped in me and made tiny trickling down my pale thighs. I felt every last jolt of his hips against mine until he was empty and slipped easily from me: how keenly aware was I now of the presence outside, the giggling and muttering.

No after-sex kiss just a smile as he looked as dazed as me pulling up his jeans and I pulled my skirt back down to something decent retrieving my knickers which were so damp I would have to go without for the rest of the night. He left first, I insisted, giving me time to myself to allow what had just happened to fully completely sink in along with his cum I still felt lingering inside me.

insane moment

© Emmaleela

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