It wasn’t unexpected. Why would it be when I happily accepted an invite back to his place after an evening out with friends when we met up with some male friends we knew a little.

I shouldn’t have been surprised and if I’m honest with myself then I wasn’t really when around 10pm he said asked if I’d want to come back to his place and listen to some music, hang out, whatever.  He lived close so I said yes because I thought, well why not.  I liked him after all and admittedly in the back of my mind I was also more than a little attracted to him. Kind of, but let’s not get carried away here, not marriage, kids, the whole spending a life together, more just simply he was hot, ‘ish.

Anyway, nothing has to necessarily ‘happen’ and maybe when I get there we may do just what he said, chill, enjoy some music, chat, all with a hint of ‘whatever’, which is just as fine.   I wasn’t ready to go home anyway feeling still wide awake and on a high so we found our way back to his place which as it turns out was a very spacious flat overlooking the docks, an extremely cool apartment and in a very cool and sought after part of town, and no doubt quite expensive in newly-built converted quayside warehouses.  I’ve never been in one before but often mused at them wondering what they were like and being the nosy sort of person I didn’t want to pass a chance to sneak a peek.

It was just past the longest day, midsummers day and it hardly got dark and not until much later anyway and thought it was late there was still a hint of twilight conjuring a kind of suggestiveness from the air and sky.

Things began pretty much as soon as we got through his door.  Things as in the ‘whatevers’ I mentioned.  He led me by the hand and showed me the view from the floor to ceiling window where he stood me as we both gazed into the beyond of the view from this third floor.   He stood right behind me putting his arms round my small waist and we swayed, no doubt a different imaginary tune running through his head than mine.    I went with it staring into the view with a huge rush of tingling warmth from head to toe.

It wasn’t unexpected but I did expect a drink maybe before the ‘whatevers’ began but those thoughts were strangely fading from my mind as I found myself freely leaning back against him, both as the darkening water below drew my mind to all kinds of exciting and forbidden places.

Soon I was softening all over, tension dissolving sway by sway when I became almost grinningly aware something from behind between me and him just below my lower back pressing as he pulled us closer until we were as close as we could possibly be without being, well, even ‘whatever’ closer.  Head to toe touching including all the bits in between, especially that seeming growing form pressure to my back exerting unexpected pressure through my above-the-knee floral pencil skirt.  Just then his hands wasted no time in slipping over my deep pink round-necked loose cotton top.  He moved faster than my thoughts could catch up and caressing my breasts before the next thought had been thought.

I found my breath against my chest and tummy in and out of my lungs deeply feeding on the air between us his hands now gripping my hips firmly: now small, tight up and down movements his hands discovering thoroughly my outer garments: now sliding quickly up and under my top across my bare waist beneath: now my breath just about keeping up with his explorations, my body became his map, his journey, his landscape to navigate through instinct.   My instincts were telling me to let it happen while a tiny voice whispered maybe I should go now.  But I didn’t and my instincts won out. Hands wove their wandering way to my breasts and over my white balconette bra from the side at first then fully over them pushing my boobs together still not a word passing between us word.

     I followed my instincts.

His hands thought gentle were forceful, grabbing me almost excitedly firmly kneading my breasts, over and over his breath brushed my neck to quicken as his lips made contact.  Electricity shocked through me all the way down to my smallest feet.

Broad hands so easily engulfing each breast as we both gazed through the window over the deep dark tide below.  I twisted partly around, a reflex and found his lips and we kissed like that while his hands more commanding kept me mostly as we were with my back to him.  Breath quickened, we kissed he turned me fully back to the window and in blink he raised my arms pulling away my blouse over my head and off.   Such a strong urge surging through me to surrender.

     Should I?

His breath found my neck, his lips then his teeth, not quite breaking my skin but deep enough to send me into a heart-race.  Almost pulling away as his nearly-bite compelled me to remain and let him…. let him…..

I looked down as he lowered one bra strap from my shoulder pulling the cup away giving access to my now erect nipple warm breast.   He bared my breast there as I faced out of the floor-to-ceiling window with the light on behind and darkness beyond, exposing me to the world outside.   His roughening fondling was seductive while discovering more of my skin, increasingly naked, pinching, rolling my nipple between dexterous fingertips.   I half-collapsed against him at his mercy.

I looked into his ghostly refection in the glass and at mine as the second bra strap fell from my shoulder he easily unhooked my bra, one hook then the other.  I small breasts gave way to being freed from my modesty as it fell down my arms to the floor.  Dizziness enveloped me as his ever-moving hands moved over my breasts now reflected in the window and all the world beyond.  I shivered with excitement and arousal.   He whispered how he liked my small breasts, a perfect fit in his palms as he kissed my neck by lifting my hair.

I watched us through half-closed eyes in reflection and his hands, every move, hips pressed up tight to mine.  His bulge now far more pronounced against the spot just above my buttocks feeling its shape through my skirt.   He leaned me to the window itself placing my hands to steady myself as though I was being searched by police with my bare naked breasts and his ever-moving hands slithering over my skirt gathering the fabric into his fingers which raise it up along my legs and my thighs.

I reached back with one hand to arrest his progress but he didn’t stop and just returned my hand to the glass.  Up it came to my hips until I knew it was over them my black cotton knickers as he caressed the lace of their hem.  It seemed a point of no return against the glass feeling like falling or flying semi-exposed to anyone who looked in being stripped thread by thread without a word spoken.

His hips he rubbed against my bum, the material, his bulge substantial larger now.  Hands slipped over my buttocks, my hips to the front of my knickers feeling my sex through them teasing, rubbing, fingering, taking his time to feel every curve of my shape beneath the lace.    Before I was ready he pulled at the waist band and down they came completely away leaving me topless with only my gathered skirt up to my waist and now thighs fully exposed.

Who might be looking up from out there seeing us, seeing me, me being stripped layer by layer surrendering every second.  This thought sent a rush of adrenalin through me almost so overwhelming.

My underwear, gone, my proud nipple and fine, fair hair of my mound in reflection as he held me on display.    A finger then two then three touched me there, between my now moist folds, my sex seducing me further and fingering me roughly and making me breathe even louder. Slowing then quickening, pacing himself as I no longer cared if anyone saw us.    His fingers worked deeper inside me, deepening pulling me to him and keeping me close to the glass.

He didn’t ask nor say a word when he grabbed my hips, both hands, turned me side on the window bending me over the back of a soft armchair with my buttocks and hips no much more vulnerable encouraging my thigh to open.  They did.  I gripped the chair upon feeling my sex being stretched wider from behind until, until, his cock gliding on precum and the juice of my sex penetrated forced an audible gasp from my mouth.  He was in me; his cock not thick but long and well-erect followed after his fingers into my sex naked his skin against my naked skin.   On the slickness I felt his girth thicken inside my tightness deeper and further inside my hips thrusting his whole being into me, into me.

His cock seemed to grow as his fucking got harder and faster, his erection forcing its way in and out I and out of my thighs now moist beyond words.   Mostly naked on show to the night bent over this chair I was his and he knew it as I knew there was no going back as our naked encounter continued unhindered.

Grabbing my hips again pulling me back he pulled out then thrust in harder this time and took my breath away as my body accepted his rawness almost but not quite brutal.  His hips slapped against my buttocks and thighs the heat rising between us, our scents mingled, he fucked and he fucked me as much as he wanted while my body shook with such intensity.  Our phantom reflections etched in the glass and beyond outside who knows, my watering eyes craving more and more and he knew and happily gave my much more.

My body shook and my thighs tightened as I was the first to orgasm gripping tightly his ever-thickened and quickening cock which just made him fuck me all the more harder, faster, unrelenting, animalistic leaning into me taking every several inches of him.   Dripping with sweat I briefly collapsed but soon felt my body responding all over again and rising towards yet another orgasm his hands dug deeper than before making my hips flex I cum again barely catching a breath and before I was able his quickening pace reach a climax and his ever-growing cock exploded inside me spraying his sperm, his cum, his lust deep and naked inside me into my thighs from his thighs, filled my thighs, intensified once again my muscle gripped his cock as though milking every drop as some inevitably escaped and trickled down my sweating legs.

So much cum fucked so deep into me some found its way in rivulets onto the tops of my thighs;  such a mess but such a beautiful mess.  We went beyond the point of no return, our dishevelled, semi-naked forms spied on by the brooding dark world beyond.  Such insanity wasn’t lost on me when once again and finally felt my breath return to something close to normal the sensation of his retreating cock moistly dripping flaccidly between my pleasured thighs.


© Emmaleela


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