strip me

Strip me naked
make me your whore
share me
and make me
do things you adore
teach me
and show me
to love it
each time
I open that door.

Touch me naked
finding my skin
and open
and letting you in
the deeper
I go
such feeling begins
to smother
my senses
to which I give in.

Feel me naked
move in an out
if this is
I’m becoming devout
the deeper
the abyss
the weaker the doubt
the further
I’m falling
in sin do I drown.

Shower me naked
in everything warm
my innocence torn
a mistress
your sweet paramour
your harlot
your strumpet
your woman of porn.

Colour me naked
paint me with hues
in scarlets
and pinks
of any you choose,
rent me
for services
I won’t refuse
call me
a minx to be used.

Loving me naked
submissively bound
a courtesan
carnally found,
teach me
and lead me
astray with my mouth
a fragrant
surrendering now…

One after
a craving inside
I try to deny
but it never
this hunger
and thirst
insatiable drives
urging me
dragging me

© Emmaleela 2016

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