dare to bare: party tricks (part 4)

(from “dare to bare: less is more (part 3)” …………….
….. “It seemed he was pleased, exceptionally pleased at my work and how well I had done for one who is essentially still a novice at this.  So much was he impressed I was invited to a party the next evening which I happily without giving it a second thought accepted as he offered to also introduce me to other potential modelling contacts, on top of which he also wanted to use me again, to which I smiles in reply, absolutely, any time.”)

So I went to the party at a quite exclusive club, but not so exclusive as to have quite relaxed dress rules.  No need to be completely poshed-up as casual was perfectly acceptable as long as you were on the guest list.  I was on the guest list having been invited by Sean the photographer who shot me at my last photo shoot which was my first professional modelling work.

I walked into the twilight world of a sea of faces none of whom I knew until I saw June, the photographer’s assistant from the shoot enthusiastically waving at me from across the room.  She rushed over to welcome me in to make sure I wasn’t standing there completely lost and somewhat nervous around all these strangers.

My nerves of not knowing anyone here were soon allayed and I began to feel increasingly relaxed and part of the atmosphere, especially after my first drink, a glass of tasty red wine.   She even introduced me to various people, men and women, all of whom were very friendly and approachable and equally welcoming.

I wore a rayon shirtdress, deep crimson with white polka dots, sleeveless but with petite shoulder caps and a hem a few inches above my knees along with lattice double-buckle belt, dark leather and on my feet low-heeled, buckled, black ankle boots.   I don’t  wear tall heels as I’ve no great desire to be much taller than I am despite being only 5’3 .

To complete my casual look my legs were adorned with simple lace-top glossy, sheer black hold-ups.  All-in-all I wanted to feel comfortable and not constrained in my clothes as I know this way I’d relax more, and luckily there were many others similarly dressed in a relaxed way.

After a few hours, lots of chatting, networking too I suppose though I wasn’t consciously doing it I had garnered some interest already with having business cards passed to me by both male and female photographers expressing an interest in me for possible future shoots.

By now I was very relaxed when Sean introduced me to a woman called Sonia, fashion photographer apparently. She was lovely, cool, very tall nearly 6’ and she too wasn’t even wearing heels!   We found some squishy sofas in a corner partly aside from the melee of mingling and she presented as so easy to chat with.  We enjoyed a few more drinks and were even joined by another woman, Lisa, who was a photographer who photographed whatever but also when asked did commissioned shoots.

Minutes passed until Lisa said something quietly to Sonia and then Sonia asked politely if I was happy with lingerie as well and fully clothing shoots.  I nodded I was.  Also would I do bikini and beachwear, to which I also said I could.  She finally asked if I would do semi-nude to which, having just done the shoot for Sean which did include a bit of that I automatically just nodded and smiled yes. After all, these people were professionals.

Sonia went on to compliment my choice of dress and accessories saying I clearly had a natural and earthy eye and taste for what to wear, which I took as a compliment as it was meant to be.  She ran her fingers along the soft material of my dress, the shoulder caps and down the front just avoiding my breasts to which I smiled and inwardly shivered at her proximity.

By now though we were comfortable with each other and I was never nervous of letting other women touch me or my clothing, it’s how we are.  She then began unbuttoning my dress, the top button then the next and the next to which I moved my hand to hers almost prudishly, She smiled and said she just wanted to get a feel for how it sat against me, and how it looked a little unfastened so I let her continue to unbuttoning four buttons to just below my bra.

Both her and Lisa smiled approvingly saying I had good skin tone for what they were looking for and asked if I would unbutton a few more for them.
I did, they were professionals after all.

Even though we were in a quieter corner we were still in the very same room as most other guests there so not altogether private.  Sonia commented how nice my deep moss green plunge bra looked against my pale skin with its black lacework and asked me to pull away my dress enough to show it to her.  I nervously did so but only from one cup and she smiled that it was fine.

To both of their gazes I revealed more skin, my cleavage and a single cup.  Lisa asked if she might feel it, just briefly, I nodded and watched her hand reach and touch my bra feeling her touch right through my small breast beneath. I blushed, slightly embarrassed but trying not to show it too much so as not to come across as someone unprepared for how open one must be in professional shoots.  Her fingers carelessly brushed across my cleavage and said she’d like to see my bra and promptly shifted the other side of my dress open exposing both of my breasts held within the soft green and lace. I felt my heart quicken a little but again kept as much composure as possible.

Sonia also reached forward and touched as they both suggested different kinds of photoshoots along with the clothing I could wear while their hands peeled aside the buttoned portion of my dress exposing me beneath.  She then unbuttoned almost without blinking a few more buttons til my dress was open to my waist allowing them easier access with hands and eyes over my bra, cleavage and now tummy.   I felt my face blushing once more but hoping they would put it down to the alcohol and warmth of the room. They seemed to both like what they saw in me despite my obvious slight discomfort and nerves that they merely put down to inexperience but saying that’s where we all start and not to worry.

I relaxed.

They both clearly liked my choice of lingerie and even said they liked my small breasts being just right for some ideas they have in mind.  All this admittedly was boosting my confidence.

Lisa then said after running her hand over both cups and what I felt was a fondle which I let pass by she would like to see my breasts.  I must’ve looked a bit startled so she then said, how about just one?   I said ok, but just one but only one if that was ok to which she smiled.   I eased one cup down and exposed my breast, nipple and all to them, as I sat there with my back to the main room which offered a little cover for me. Lisa again reached over and touched my bare breast, exploring, feeling, fondling, her fingers tracing the edge of my nipple and commenting I was firm and soft and just perfect.  I’d never regarded myself or my body as anywhere near ‘perfect’ so felt quite flattered as I felt her touch across my breast.

I know you only said you would show us one, she whispered, but I’d like to see both if that’s ok, would it be?

She asked while her fingertips already were teasingly almost beneath the other cup.  I was about to say I wasn’t sure when she said,

I’m sure you don’t mind, after all you have such gorgeous breasts,

and before I could respond………

dare to bare 4

(continued in “dare to bare: overexposure (part 5)” ………..)

© Emmaleela


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