dare to bare: overexposure (part 5)

(continued from “dare to care: party tricks (Part 4)” …….
“I know you only said you would show us one, she whispered, but I’d like to see both if that’s ok, would it be? She asked while her fingertips already were teasingly almost beneath the other cup.  I was about to say I wasn’t sure when she said, I’m sure you don’t mind, after all you have such gorgeous breasts, and before I could respond………”)

……. she slipped down my other cup exposing now both, right there before them on the sofas in the room while other guests milled and chatted.

I was nervous realising my partial undress as Lisa ran both of her hands now over my breasts, beneath lifting them out of my bra and clearly enjoying herself.  As was I but couldn’t admit it how I was somewhat aroused by what was happening, both of these impressive and confident women paying me so much attention, albeit not the kind of attention I was expecting.  Her slender fingers lightly playing along my small exposed breasts, my dress unbuttoned to my waist.

Lisa took her hands away and reached for her camera, something she’d mentioned earlier that she never went anywhere without, asked if she could take a few pictures of my just as I was, just as a kind of rough draft for her portfolio.  Before I could reply or cover up she snapped a few shots which were followed by quiet instruction form Sonia is striking a pose, sitting up straight, pulling my dress from one shoulder, one hand over one breast, then fingers pulling open the cup and lace.   I seemed to slip into modelling-mode and for a few minutes did exactly what she told me as her camera fed on my partial nakedness aware how erect my nipples had become.  I wasn’t sure if anyone was nearby glancing as we acted out such a bizarre turn of events in this quiet corner.   I’m not experienced or used to modelling naked outside life art drawing classes so felt a little clumsy.  They didn’t seem to mind.

Are you wearing a matching set Emma, as in your knickers? asked Sonia.

I said I was wondering why she asked but by now I was getting less and less surprised by what was happening though still blushing as I sat still in partial exposure, at which point I had put my boobs back inside my bra though my dress still lay open.

Would you show me?  Maybe just pull your dress up far enough for me to have a peek?

I whispered I wasn’t sure but Sonia managed in a way she clearly has to persuade me to do just that, and I did.  I took the hem of my dress and edged it up my stockinged legs past the lace-tops of my hold-ups until they could just see a triangle between my thighs of my moss green bikini knickers trimmed with black lace.  Lisa favourably commented on my stockings and touched them with her fingers fleetingly.  Good girl, said Sonia.  I didn’t feel any the less nervous and definitely felt increasingly exposed although not unwilling to most of their requests which surprised even me as I had never done anything like this before as we were there now.

Exciting, an adrenalin-rush, but also incredibly nerve-wracking, but the way they were making me feel with their words was encouraging.

Through my stockings Sonia laid her hands firmly on my uncovered legs and teased them open by a couple of inches letting them both see more of my knickers against me to which they both smiled, partly at my choice of underwear but also as my apparent willingness.  I was willingly going with it albeit with a teeny nagging reluctance and the sort of public nature of it, though at the same time was finding it strangely arousing.  I was feeling increasingly warm all over almost breaking into a sweat and downed a tonic in one go, ice and all!

Lisa took some more pictures of my legs partly open and Sonias hands holding.  I was very glad I’d bought new underwear especially for the party, just because it feels good to know that now someone, two someones, were seeing them at least I felt ok about that.

Here, said Sonia, let me try something.

Her hands went off my legs and began unbuttoning the rest of my dress which I watched almost hypnotised for a few seconds, almost disbelieving what I was seeing.  I began to stop her but her smile seemed to ooze silent reassurance saying, it’s all good. She got to the final button and peeled my dress open completely as I sat now in my bra, knickers and stockings all overtly revealed as Lisa snapped a couple more photos.   The prude in me came out and attempted to re-wrap my dress around me but Sonia insisted it was fine and to leave it, so, obediently I did leaving it draped just from my shoulders along my sides, my lingerie on show.

Lisa leaned across again and felt my breasts through my bra again making me almost moan unwittingly and then she let her hands rest on my waist.

Perfect, she said, you will be perfect for our next project if you’re willing,

she said looking me straight in the eyes.  I blinked and nodded positively asking what it was.  It was a secret for now but does include some really tasteful clothing line I’d like for certain.

I heard Lisa’s lens fire again a few more times knowing she had now captured images of my in my underwear and somewhat dishevelled bra.

One more thing I’d like you to do Emma, said Sonia, stand up as you are and walk across the room to the refreshments table and back again.

I almost laughed at what seemed crazy, with all these people I’ve never met what will they think?  Sonia again with her softly dominant reassurance said no one will mind and she wanted to gauge their reaction to me, and anyway everyone here is either a model of a professional photographer of fashionista so such things are quite the norm in their circles.   I again nervously agreed, taking a huge breath I stood aware of my dress loosely-draped down my sides, unfastened but clinging to my shoulders and strode out across the room. I felt my face burning like a beacon keenly away of how my dress barely covered me and now everyone was getting a good view of what I wore beneath that evening, my bare tummy, and barely-covered thighs.

To my surprise the few faces I did catch a glimpse of bore expressions more of I think approval and delight as I not quite floated past them trying to be nonchalant and probably failing in my awkwardness, my dress wafting open.  From the corner of my eye I even caught sight of Sean and June both with expressions of being pleased with a protégé.

With a relief I made it to the other side of the room, got myself a glass of wine and took another deep breath and headed back to where Lisa and Sonia were and kept my eyes fixed on them and my goal.  They look encouraging and nodded silent approval as I had done what they told me too despite any reservation I had and still had, all the way keenly away of the warmth between my thighs inside my moss green knickers and my aroused nipples once again well-hidden in my matching moss green bra.    The few people I did notice, both men and women seemed unphased by what I just did as though it happened every day for them.

Maybe it did.

Meanwhile my blood was rushing through me like a tsunami. At once I felt a sense of wow, look what I just did, alongside oh my god what did I just do, along with an underlying sensual thrill.  This is not how I was expecting the evening would progress.

I sat back down with Sonia and Lisa and almost felt aghast, each in turn leaned across and kissed my cheek as a thanks.   Sonia was very pleased she said with me laying her hand again upon my thigh and giving it a gentle squeeze.  I asked if it was ok to fasten my dress again but then Sonia asked if I could do just one more thing as that went so well as she wanted Lisa to get some more photos of me before we finish but this time take off my dress completely, stand and walk out onto the balcony through the French windows a few feet away from us: doors which were thankfully open this whole time providing the only cool air of relief.

For this I felt slightly less enthusiastic at first being that all I’d be wearing would be my lingerie, despite having done what I’d just done but Sonia as seems to be her way convinced me.   I prepared myself and slipped my dress from my shoulders completely very aware some people were actually now watching from their various places in the room, although the chatter level remained the same.

I stood in just my matching moss lingerie and black sheer hold-ups and started to the open windows feeling the comforting and refreshing cool breeze washing over me while feeling lord knows how many eyes watching me from behind as I pointlessly was pleased I hadn’t wore a thong, being that my bikini knickers at least covered a few more inches of my bum than it would have: as though that made any difference to how utterly insane this all felt.

I managed to keep my poise til I exited the doors into the inviting night air, stood a while looking out over darkening gardens of a lower garden beyond and wondered when I go back in.  She hadn’t mentioned how long to stay out, so I stayed as long as I dared being I was just in my underwear still in full view of anyone looking.  Admittedly my arousal levels hadn’t abated and still made me feel both exposed but also kind of perhaps sexy.

After a few minutes I turned and bravely sauntered back inside to the sofas.   Both Sonia and Lisa clearly pleased at how I managed despite them knowing my initial reluctance.

Good girl Emma, pronounced Sonia,

taking and stroking my hand in hers. Such a cornucopia of emotions swirled inside me.

dare to bare 5

(was there more to come?…. will have to wait and see …….)

© Emmaleela


  1. this was the first I ever posted here, so felt like reminding readers it’s there as is all my stuff, it’s just the five parts, though there is a sixth I’ve never posted. Thank U for what you said 🙂


  2. I am loving this, so descriptive it’s as if I am in the room watching everything unfold. Need more though it’s cool xx

    Liked by 1 person

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