dare to bare: less is more (part 3)

(continued from “dare to bare: I did so (part 2)”…. “The camera now seemed to swallow me whole and all of me collapsed to its seduction.  I surprised myself by going beyond anything I’d ever done before as a model, thus urging enthusing a surging inside me, willing, pliant, my increasing state of undress undressing me further and more…….”)

My black bra and tummy exposed to the cameras gaze as all eyes held me there between the frame the top button of the denim shorts unfastened, open………..

let your blouse fall from your shoulders,

hypnotic words fell from his lips…. compliant and without complaint I felt it slipped away… revealing, down my back all the way down…….. I did so…. posing as requested in a manner suggestive, as seductive as I could muster with my limited experience……

pull one bra strap off one shoulder….

I did….. one fingers beneath lifting slowly away as it came away as easily as water pouring off my skin…… just the one strap……. just the one shoulder fully naked……….. knees together my feet splayed………

now ease your blouse all the way, all the way, down your back….

I did so becoming crumpled fabric around my waist atop my hips my tummy free, bra with a single shoulder free of strap……. I did so dutiful like slow motion easing pose to pose…..

stand up and leave the blouse behind on the sofa……..

a moment and then I did so……. standing as the shirt fall slitherly away being left behind as I stood up leaving one leg loosely rested on the edge of the sofa still posing in the denim shorts and shirtless, only bra.

A rush of nerves excitedly they tingled every one along the surface my skin enticed by a sense that this is all there is all that mattered in this moment all I was and to become…….

           tease open your waistband from where your button has come loose……

I did so, again unquestioning, surprising myself at how easy I surrendered to his mantras…….

take the zip between your fingers, slowly tease it down, good girl……..

snap the shutter once again a litany of appreciation while I also watched my fingers as though not mine pull the zip down notch by notch my hair now slightly tousled fell across my face…. I did so, the waist band of my knickers appearing to their gaze, my gaze, for the avaricious lens……………. more and more I felt and watched this opening, reveal, the delicate black lace waistband and more this slow and sure reveal of lingerie though what it couldn’t capture was the warmth I felt exuding from my hips….. from my thighs.

With each command he used my name…. Emma….  reinforcing a trusting bond between photographer and model, each time he did I felt emboldened and empowered to keep doing…….. surrender…….. my knickers, bra, increasingly exposed with each passing word and breath and pose….

lean over the back of the sofa, lower your other bra strap from your shoulder……….

I did so, both shoulders now free of encumbrance aware how the position brought my breasts together enhancing my cleavage not normally so pronounced by my small breasts……… I did so.

Turn around and show your back to me……

I did so…. my shorts hung loose around my hips, knickers showing, bra straps free of my shoulders.

Next he changed gear, metaphorically-speaking, to a routine of fluid, continuous poses on my keeping a slow, purposeful, deliberate pace following each directive he offered allowing the camera to also capture that freedom of movement in stills….. still-motion. Everything from this point became almost a trance, without hesitation I obeyed instructions from the other side of the lens.  Interrupting this was not an option.

now pull down your shorts while keeping your back to me, down to your ankles but slowly, always slow…….

I did so…… despite a momentary hesitation in processing his request my body responded like a reflex unwilling to resist as my fingers, thumbs, again almost not feeling they were my own, squirmed  into the already unfastened waistband and slipped them down… and further….. from over my buttocks, from my hips, brushing my thighs, finding their way past my knees all the while hearing the soft reassurance, the lens click, click, click of the lens……. though capturing moments it still was beyond its ability to expose a rush of warm excitement entreating my thighs, a flush, exhilaration til all that remained of all that I wore was my underwear, black striking in contrast against my pale enlivened skin.

Discarded, the shorts fell from my ankles, their last obstacle as in a heady daze my body became water each limb lapping against the other, an innocent dance as though out of my body I was looking on in a world completely my own…..

But I wasn’t alone nor the only one seeing what I was feeling, they were too, Sean, June, his assistant, my audience… click went the shutter.   Time fell away as did the space leaving me floating and balanced on air……..

now ease one of your bra cups away…….

again a hesitation, almost imperceptible, but my body was already there doing what it was told as my fingers silkily played with the edge to pull it away as again I was watching like a bystander excited by what I was witnessing, I took another breath and exposed my breast to the lens, my nipple framed in the aureole now framed in his lens…… its familiar light brown with tinges of pink arresting my nipple erect.  Suddenly aroused beyond what I’d felt before on seeing my own breast now exposed to watchful gazes……. click……. as now fully lowered the cup revealing framed by my fingers the nipple proudly and on show.

Emma, unfasten your bra……..

as though it was the most natural and familiar of things for him to ask in the world right there and then… but I did, reaching round to unhook each hook and feel it release still holding it close to my breasts despite one still naked, exposed …. click.  Again edging closer to me, my nipple clearly aroused proud of my aureole, as best as could continue the sinuous flow demanded by the process, the shoot…….

now let the bra come away, slowly but completely, from both of your breasts while still holding it close to you...

I took a deep breath as though I was diving into the deepest of waters I’d ever swam in and relaxing my hands felt my bra naturally falling away as it did from my breasts, both now slowly and surely and fully exposed, both nipples erect from my small now-naked breasts, engulfing me as this moment did in a cocktail of apprehension and excitement.

Lay back on the sofa Emma….

I did again without holding back on the outside though here on the inside I shuddered with a restless and rippling turbulence.  Smoothly as possible I lowered myself while he hovered above me his lens feeding every exposure with my nakedness, breasts, nipples, tummy…. just my knickers tightly against the curves of my hips, my legs gently closed skin touching skin, I could now feel his breath brushing me here and then there.

My mind and my body were reeling with wave after wave of adrenalin that forced itself through me threatening to implode unless I kept my composure which I barely just did: this interminable rush to the surface that tightened and tempted each sinew and muscle, each cell of my skin, the lines of my intimate curves, moist evocations, inaudible whispers secretly kissing my thighs.

Never been done a naked or semi-naked modelling for a photographer and hoped he was pleased with my work as I was increasingly pleased I’d accepted the offer all those weeks ago as I lay here in all that remained just my knickers to hide what remained of my body unseen by their eyes, his lens, the inviting shadows and light of these walls.  Such was my exhilaration  as the shoot drew to a close after which I went back behind the drapes to change back into my normal me-clothes but taking time to reset my balance, cool myself down, try to digest everything his camera and eyes had digested of me and of everything I’d just experienced.  It was also exhausting, the kind you don’t feel at the time only after when I felt like a puppet whose strings had been released except that I was still on a high, an unbelievable high.

It seemed he was pleased, exceptionally pleased at my work and how well I had done for one who is essentially still a novice at this.  So much was he impressed I was invited to a party the next evening which I happily without giving it a second thought accepted as he offered to also introduce me to other potential modelling contacts, on top of which he also wanted to use me again, to which I smiles in reply,
absolutely, any time.

dare to bare 3

(…. continued in “dare to bare: party tricks (part 4)”…….)

© Emmaleela


  1. huge thanks for saying, am pleased to share and even more pleased when anyone reads and enjoys and maybe gets something out of it. I enjoy the process, every part of it of course; really appreciate your comment 🙂


  2. From an amateur writer of erotica, and also a professional photographer, it is wonderful to read this experience from your (the model’s) perspective. My compliments on your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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